Art Talk/Exhibit – Easter Sunrise Service Houston Trinity UMC


by glenn.angeles.bautista


Easter Sunrise Service

Houston Trinity United Methodist Church
Katy, Texas April 3, 2010 / 9:30AM



Lorna and I were already up and about early Saturday morning for our trip to Katy, Texas. We left shortly before 10AM for Katy taking freeways I-45 N and I-10 W. In less than an hour, we arrived at Pastor Butch Ramirez’s residence just to discover that nobody was home.

Anyway, I called him by cell phone to find out that he was at the Houston Trinity UMC preparing for the Easter Sunrise Service. In less than 10 minutes, he was waving at us from his place when we were coming back from a stroll, stretching/limbering our legs and bodies from the not too long a trip from Houston to Katy.

Not too long from then, we found ourselves at the kitchen talking, drinking coffee, tea, eating home-made “suman” (rice cake), courtesy of Obed, their Filipino cook prepared by wife, Lerree whom Pastor calls “dahl”, maybe a shortcut of “darling”, hehe. We spent the rest of the afternoon at the church to have an ocular of the place where I would conduct my “Art Talk/Exhibit”. We then arranged the long tables and chairs for my art presentation.

Headed back home to print my message for Easter and didn’t have to eat dinner since we had several pieces of chicken at the church that late afternoon. Anyway, the next day Sunday, we left their residence by 5:30AM for the Easter Sunrise Service at Houston Trinity United Methodist Church.

Before I knew it, I had already delivered my message and conducted my “Art Talk/Exhibit”. It was a fun Easter day spent with a majority of Filipino congregation and a few Americans. We stayed around at church until 4 PM just chatting with a few friends and headed back home to Houston.


Easter Sunrise Service

Art Talk/Exhibit – Easter Sunrise Service Houston Trinity UMC
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Recent Visit
Pastor Butch Ramirez

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Houston Trinity United Methodist Church – (11/10/2013)


. Pastor Butch Ramirez's message this morning,"rebuilding God's temple" is threefold: rebuilding our physical body, rebuilding our beloved motherland, "Pilipinas" (typhoon "Yolanda"), and rebuilding anything that was whole, tangible or intangible. Such an amazing message, come to think of it . . .

Pastor Butch Ramirez’s message this morning,”rebuilding God’s temple” is threefold: rebuilding our physical body, rebuilding our beloved motherland, “Pilipinas” (typhoon “Yolanda”), and rebuilding anything that was whole, tangible or intangible. Such an amazing message, come to think of it . . .


Badong Ramirez (68) – Apr 5, 2010

Glenn, in behalf of the Houston Trinity UMC and the First Filipino-American UMC, please accept our gratitude for accepting our invitation for you to preach in our Joint Easter Sunrise Service. Salamat na rin for making a presentation of your art works to us. We were all impressed by your works and your desire to share it with us, free of charge.

May the Lord continue to bless your God-given gift of art, preaching, and music. I was surprised to know and hear Glenn playing the piano with ease.


Glenn’s 2nd Message @ Houston Trinity UMC



April 18, 2010 – 10:30 AM

Pastor Butch Ramirez of the Houston Trinity United Methodist Church invited me to speak again for the April 18, 2010 10:30 AM Service after he learned that the the manuscript I had for the April 4 (Easter Sunrise Service / 6 AM) was not at all sourced nor read by me since my message turned out to be more extemporaneous than verbatim. But, again, I couldn’t help but just eyeball-speak to the congregation for whenever I tried reading from my prepared manuscript, I felt distanced from the congregation, enough to make me feel that I would lose contact with them. So, although nothing of my previous message was repeated, I started and ended delivering an extemporaneous message, again. This brought laughter both to me and Pastor Butch Ramirez when I got seated with him after my message that morning.

So, Pastor Ramirez hinted that perhaps the best I can do for any next message I will have to deliver would just to have outlined “cues” just to guide me in making an extemporaneous speech. Well, I guess this is what I will do the next time I am asked to give a message for my future audience.

I found out one thing though – – that is, that I do enjoy communicating my thoughts to an audience especially when it comes to sharing with them my experiences as an artist in the past and recent years that I have been in solitude. After the morning service, we stayed on at the church for breakfast and interacted with the young and adult members of Houston Trinity UMC. After a while, Lorna asked me to drive her to Costco for shopping.

By 4 PM we were done with Costco and proceeded to Pastor Butch and Lerree’s place for our UHS reunion. The photos above are a few that Lorna and I have taken using my Motorola Droid cell phone. I took a lot of videos too and may upload them as soon as I am able to. Again, I thank the Ramirez family and Houston Trinity UMC and my high school mates for making April 18, 2010 a very memorable and enjoyable Sunday. On our way home a strong rain kept us entertained via freeways I-10 and I-45. In less than an hour Lorna and I were home, safe. Thank you Lord for that blessed day spent on the other, western side of Houston, Texas!





One response to “Art Talk/Exhibit – Easter Sunrise Service Houston Trinity UMC

  1. Hi Tony,

    I am very happy for you and your family because since the first day I had met you in cyberspace through our Banggaan yahoogroup, I knew that you have always been on the right path. I do not judge others in favor of you but I know that God has always been pleased with you because of how you have been to your family and friends.
    I do not really regularly follow any TV program for spiritual feeding, nor do I go to church to please God. I still go about my own, natural relaxed way going about life but try to keep in tune with what God wants me to do. It is more Jesus and myself and there’s nobody in between. I am not saying that what I do is the right thing to do. This is just how things are for me and my God.
    Despite myself, I know that He has always been there for me beyond my expectations. He is so great I cannot think in any way that I can even associate with Him. But He does care for me each day, each minute and I know that to be true, despite myself.
    I think you can learn about Womack via the internet. I had seen him a few times on TV and internet because of links my elder sister used to send to me. The few times I had seen him, I think he is ok.
    Btw, Lorna and I have been staying with a Vietnamese family since first week of June 2010. We just go about our Christian ways, and they go about their Buddhist ways. We are in harmony and feel God’s love in the air. We do not separate our things, food and thoughts. Our hearts are just tuned in to loving each other. This is what I meant that God reads our hearts and only Him can judge whether we love or have loved the way He would. Also, I think He doesn’t really want to judge us, He wants to unconditionally love us. He wants us to love the least of our brethren too.


    On Thu, Jun 17, 2010 at 7:10 PM, Tony Ablen wrote:

    Thank you Glenn.

    I’ll check on Womack. I know the Almighty God have you in His favor however you praise, adore, worship and love Him in your own natural, relaxed way.
    Jesus Christ “simplified” the Commandments into “Thou shalt love the
    Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all
    thy mind, and with all thy strength…….. Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself….”

    So whatever denomination our neighbors belong, we are all loved by the
    One True God who created the Universe; the Heaven and Earth; who
    created the Sun, moon, stars, sea, land, trees and evrything else for
    mankind which is created in His Own image…

    God bless,

    To: Tony Ablen, banggaan

    loiebautista: wrote on Apr 17, ’10

    Congratulations on your Art Exhibit! Looks they are all new to me! They seem to really enjoyed your paintings! Beautiful!
    You’re really preaching! Belated “Happy Easter.”

    Badong Ramirez: (68) – Apr 5, 2010

    Leembo, sinabi mo pa. And these ones I posted are just
    samples of his many artworks.Bilib talaga ako kay Glenn. He is one of a kind. For more of
    his works, you can visit his website at

    Badong, thanks for sharing – yes, no doubt that your (Church) was blessed by a talented Unionite by his presence and sharing his God-given talent!
    His work is amazing!

    Wendell Quila: (67) – Apr 19, 2010

    Actually , I was not able to make it to the Sunrise Service w/ Glenn as speaker, but when I saw his artworks even in his cell phone, namangha talaga ako, parang ayoko ng isoli sa kanya yung phone nya at keep it for myself, to show others that they are my Work of Art… hehehe
    Napakagaling mo Glenn, pa kiss naman ako, oh. LOL

    Hay naku, nagladlad na rin c Wendell, haha . . nalilito na ako, akala ko tumitibok ngayon ang puso mo? Enjoyed our meeting/reunion at Bads church & place last night, Wendell! Ayaw na nga namin ni Lorna umuwi kagabi, e. Dati nga sa kanila kami natulog at enjoy talaga kami meeting with Bad’s family members . . enjoyed Obed’s culinary creations, too!
    Inaabot ka ba ng malakas na ulan sa freeway? Grabe, kasi halfway, todo lakas ng ulan at halos hindi na namin makita ang daan, hehe. Anyway, we got safely home but was a bit worried about you. Nakarating ka naman daw, sabi ni Bads, hehe. Naiwan ko pa ang payong namin kala Bads . . senior moments, ika nga, hehe. Kitakits uli, bro . .

    Wendell Quila: (67) – Apr 19, 2010
    Glenn, I did enjoy our togetherness , esp. w/ Carol around . Ang sarap nung mga dala niya . Inabot din ako ng ulan , kaya nakapikit ako nung n

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