THANK YOU, from the Bautista Family

THANK YOU, from the Bautista Family



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Dear friends and loved ones,

Please accept our belated expression of gratitude for your presence and gift of love during our time of bereavement.

Attached is a message from our family in animated format (be sure to turn on your speakers as you open the file). It is rather large, more than 2.6 MB. It may thus take a while to download it. Our apologies if this would cause a bit of trouble for you. We hope though that it will be worthwhile. We send this to you with prayer that our good Lord may continue to bless you with all the love and compassion you shared with us.

Sincerely grateful,

The Bautista Family

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On 02.19.2008 03:09 P, Rhona Mendoza wrote:

Dear Ate Loi,
I could not pass the opportunity to pay my last respects to your father… a Pastor  I respected very much. My fond recollection of your father was that  he treated us young girls with respect and we felt “very adult”.  He told us stories about his children while your mother served us juice and cookies. This was at the parsonage of Central UMC when my sister and I were waiting for our Papa, Rev Ben Canlas.
Such kindness was forever sketched in my young mind, and as an adult, I have emulated your parents’ behaviour towards young people.
I will forward your email to my parents. Best regards and God Bless!

Rhona Canlas Mendoza


 12:13 PM (1 hour ago)

Dear Rhona,

I am very happy and grateful to receive your email reply. Thank  you so much for your kind and gracious  words regarding our Tatay.
It’s a very heart-warming revelation of how a young girl could still remember such incident all through the years!  Indeed we cherish those moments too when our father and mother  would entertain and offer people, whoever they are, in our home with whatever there is  available – coffee for the adults, juice for the young one’s!!

Thank you for sharing us this beautiful remembrance you have of our dear Tatay.  God bless you and your family as  well!

Love and prayers,
Ate Loie