Remembering Tatay & Nanay (2)


Nanay / Rose of Sharon
(a digital interaction by Doris & Glenn)




(Added – youtube) : August 27, 2006)

A foto-collage on my folks, we call “Tatay” (father) and “Nanay” (mother). Nanay already went ahead to meet Jesus face to face while Tatay, 94 yrs old, is enjoying the rest of the Bautista family in California, USA. The hymn “Rose of Sharon” was one of Nanay’s favorite songs, thus the title of the video. This is in preparation for the portrait I am commissioned to paint by our eldest sister, Ate Necy, of our folks. She is now in CA with her husband, Kuya Fil, son Willy, and daughter, Carol.



Bautista Family:
Rev. Loida Rifareal – 0921-3834878 or 419-6324
Johnny Bautista – 0922-8119075 or 826-4436
Rev. John Manalo – 0918-5576295 or 363-5813





Dear Everyone,


Since the 26th of December last year, suddenly my inbox is receiving messages after messages of emails from everyone, either from the US or from the Philippines. It started with messages of condolences, reminiscences, and prayers from friends and relatives, near and far, for the family Lolo left behind. Then, came messages about funeral and service preparations, schedules, flight plans, finances, technical preps, photos and videos, contacting friends and relatives etc. It’s like an hour doesn’t pass by where my computer alerts me of new incoming emails. Everyday, turns a new page in my inbox That is just me. I begin to wonder how much more are for those who are in the middle of all these preparations — Uncle Glenn, Mommy, Kuya Jun, Bessie, Doris and others whom I may have not known about. Most especially, Auntie Eunice, who is at the “Command Center” of all these; answering emails and at the same time attending to her own assigned tasks!
A flurry of activities follow, more emails were exchanged. Rushes, confusions, issues, problems resolved, and a lot more were happening. A brief lay low happened during the last hours of December 31st where we all stopped to celebrate the anniversary of Lolo and Lola, and rest awhile to appreciate the fireworks welcoming the new year (which incidentally, we had none here in Chennai; dunno why).
Then, the brief respite ends. Back to their computers, and after a brief exchange of new year greetings, people began to continue where they left off. The emails began to flood my inbox again. Gradually, the topics and threads begin to wind down talking about Lolo’s arrival in the Philippines.
January 9, hmmm, no emails…
January 10, nope, no emails still…
Suddenly, as sudden as it came, it stopped. The emails stopped coming; welll, at least to me. At first, I can’t believe what my inbox is saying so I logged out. Been logged in for days, so I figured maybe if I log out and re-login, my account will be refreshed. But still, it says “You have 0 unread messages”.
I am aware that Lolo has arrived, the reason why there’re no new emails. But somehow, in the back of my mind, I am still expecting emails telling about news of what’s happening in the Philippines.
“Hmm… the man has arrived. The reason for all these flurry of emails and activities has arrived. Lolo has finally arrived. Everybody is there now with him now. That’s why there’re no emails…”
It is at this point that I realized that, for me, this is where I go alone. With all the wonders of the internet, one can only go so far. Not even the advances in technology can make me feel that I am “there” with you all. I don’t think it ever will.
Which brings me back to the subject of this email, the one way I can communicate to you my thoughts, my feelings right now. You may or may have not noticed these things I say because you are all together there, with each other.
Reviewing my letter, I think I became a bit (what’s the word for that?) melancholy or melo-dramatic, whatever. But I guess this is an emotional time for all of us. For me, I don’t know. Other than wishing I am there, it could also be the thought that I wasn’t there when Lola passed away as I was in Riyadh then, now, it’s Lolo, and I am here in India.
And I guess, a lot of people out there, may they be friends or relatives, who loved Lolo, who wishes they can be there but cannot, also share my sentiments.
You must know, that me, and my family are there now with you in mind and spirit — in remembering Lolo, praying for him, celebrating his life with you.
I must end this now for now thoughts are coming to me…
That after Lolo has been laid to rest beside Lola, you guys must be enjoying now the physical togetherness Lolo’s passing away has brought to the Bautistas. Siguro you are all either staying there at Loyola, or at Uncle Johnny’s to spend some quality time with each other.
The stories. The tears. The laughters. The hugs. The kisses. Moments in prayer. Oh how we wish we are there to share these times with you.!
sorry for this lengthy one, : )


Dear Sonny,
You said wonderfully the same sentiments I feel. I could not have said it any better. You all continue to amaze me on how you (my nephews and nieces) turned out to be, wonderful children of God! I’m so proud of all of you!!
On Jan 12, 2008 6:15 PM, GLENN BAUTISTA wrote:



Dear Sonny,

From the time your Lolo Asyong crossed over, you and your family have always been with us, and I guess, in more detail than others who are physically here in Pinas – – and thanks to the internet, we have achieved a lot of things for Tatay and for the family in cyberspace.

I cannot be more proud of the three of you and your Mom. You have given your all for Tatay’s memorial. The love you all have expressed for Tatay and the family cannot be quantified. I personally thank you Doris, Bes, Sonny and Ate Loida.


uncle glenn


Dear Uncle,
Thanks, and you’re welcome, uncle. It’s the least I can do. We are all doing this for we all love Lolo so much.
And yes, you’re right, cyberspace really helped a lot; for without it, all these communicating, the correspondences, the exchange of files would’ve been impossible to do in such a short period of time. It’s as if we are just near each other, while in fact our locations span about half the globe, involving three countries.
I’m sure Bessie, Doris and Mommy would truly appreciate your thanks. We are all doing this for Lolo.
Uncle, let me take this chance to let you know how much I appreciate what you’re doing with the Bautista cyberjournal and sites that you are doing. I know you’re putting in a lot of hard work maintaining these sites. These keep us all up to date with news and happenings about the family. Not a day passes without me visiting those sites.
Pahinga na muna kayo Uncle. All these things happening lately may have taken its toll on you.
Will be in touch.


Dear Ate & Glenn,

I have been thinking about this email of Ninong when we requested people close to Tatay to write something about their relationship to Tatay. I remembered that was when Tatay got sick and as I can remember, this is not included in the cyberjournal of Glenn or do you still have a copy of this message of Ninong?

I think this is very important because Ninong has been in constant communication with Miriam and had always expressed his concern to Tatay as well as our family.

Naisip kong hanapin ito ngayon lang and I found it and am forwarding it to you just in case you have forgotten it. I will send you a picture of Ninong and Ninang, if you need it.

Thank you.


Subject: Re: Fw: A Tribute for Dear Friends

Date: Wed, 1 Feb 2006 07:59:27 -0800
From: Felizardo D Laureano
To: L. Elbert Wethington


Dear Dr. & Mrs. Wethington,
I am speechless! How can you not forget? It’s indeed amazing!! I am very grateful, elated and happy to hear from you! You are the first to send a birthday greeting to Tatay! (outside the family, of course) The winner is . . . .!!
How can we (the Bautista clan) ever thank you enough for your kind thoughts and beautiful remembrance of both our father and our mother, We have been so fortunate to have such loving and beautiful parents any child can be proud of! We consider ourselves so blessed as heirs to their legacy of faith and dedicated service – the most precious and lasting treasures one can ever receive.

I am saying the same holds true for both of you. How can I tell? I know it in my heart. Stories I heard from Loida and even Tatay attest that it is so and much, much more!
I wish I had to chance to know you better. This is to let you know that you have a special place in our family as your names come up in conversations during family gatherings.

Thank you so very much for doing this for Tatay.Our family wish both of you well.Do keep in touch as we would always be happy to hear from you.

I am forwarding your e-mail to all our family members as an expression of our sincere appreciation for your kind gesture.

Grace and peace to both of you always,

I am not sure whether I told you that Tatay was brought back to the hospital the following day after he was first released from the hospital. Since then he has been transferred to a third facility. He has not been up since December 28 and has been intermittently asleep and awake. He has had difficulty swallowing food and is being fed through a tube in his nose. Today, they will remove the nasal tube and course the feeding tube through his stomach – the only choice at this point according to the doctor. After this procedure, he will be moved again to another facility. We still don’t know where.

We know a lot of people are praying for him. I am personally resigned to God’s will for his life. The inevitalbe will happen but I am assured that he will be in the best place with the Lord and Savior he loved and served – no tears and no pain – and with my Mom!

Thank you so much again!


On 1/31/06, L. Elbert Wethington wrote:


On a February 2, God bestowed a great gift to the world, Compadre Ignacio!
Mahal na kaibigan at kapatid, this is to thank you not only for blessing our lives, but for your being a faithful steward of God’s gift of life, time, and love given to be shared with others.This has been manifested in your long beautiful marriage to a beautiful wife (magandang loob) who also shared so many gifts, love and joy most of all.You have nurtured and shared with the world a large beautiful family, each member reflecting the Christ-like qualities of their parents, so that children and grand children gladly accept their stewardship of those gracious qualities.As always true when we give our lives for others, the earnings return greater than the investments. Compadre, you are a millionaire as you look forward to eternal treasures in the Holy Love of Christ. Thank God, you have already received a down payment, the guarantee: “O what a foretaste of Glory Divine.”May we add our love and prayers that the GRACE and PEACE of Christ may give you joy now and forever.



Elbert and Lois -(L. Elbert and Lois R. Wethington)                                                                                                                                                   4309 Sunny Court, Durham NC 27705

Dear Dr. & Mrs. Wethington,

What you have just written for Tatay and the family was the same spontaneous message I gave the first night the Bautista family gathered with Tatay at Central Church on January 9, 2008. I wonder how this could be possible? In time I will upload this message (video) at Central Church together with all the other messages from most of the members of the Bautista family at Tatay’s cyberjournal:

Yes, Tatay and Nanay are truly alive in us, having fully understood what Tatay and Nanay came here for. The greatest gift anyone can give to another is God’s love and offer of salvation to all of us through Jesus Christ. You have done the same for the Bautista family – – for by your example, through the years, we always knew and felt that you and Lois have always been one with us because of our common bond with our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our physical bodies may one day give up on us, but with God’s love and promises, truly death doesn’t have any sting! For, one day, just like Christ, we would join with our Maker in everlasting life, love and peace.

God be with you, always.



On Jan 24, 2008 2:14 AM, Doris Lois B Rifareal wrote

From: Loida Bautista Rifareal Sent: Monday, January 21, 2008 05.36 PM
To: Doris Rifareal; jun bautista
Subject: [Fwd: Re: Fw: A Tribute for Dear Friends]


I am forwarding this message to you. I am not sure if this is in Glenn’s cyber journal.



Dr. & Mrs. Wethington / Ate Loida,

Here’s the active link to your email message exchanges:



Dear Glenn,

Thank you. This is  Ninong’s message last year when Tatay was very ill.  The two photos we sent were taken, first in front of their house in North Carolina and the other one in front of the Duke Diivinity School chapel where they got married years back. They invited me to visit them in North Carolina  when I was there in California to visit Tatay. They are truly are very wonderful couple and very good friend of Tatay!

Nice presentation!

Ate Loie


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