I felt its bite, at first, but after having injected me its anti-coagulant, I couldn’t feel it no more . .

I was about to test my new improvised close-up lenses shooting some ants when I felt a sharp tiny bite behind my right leg. It was an awkward position to properly video this tiny black & white striped mosquito, but I thought that was my only chance to shoot close-up my most hated tiny enemies on this planet! Note, after a time, my skin turning red from the bite.

Just recently, the grandma of my son’s girlfriend suffered from mild “denge” but who fortunately was immediately brought to the hospital for a quick recovery. ~~~>:) glenn

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    Glenn A. Bautista: More of Glenn’s photos on Insects/Bugs:

    Glenn A. Bautista: · Art · Insects/Photos ‘01-‘09
    Insects/Photos ‘01-‘09: Macro photography – insect and nature photos
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    Vics Magsaysay: Glenn, just dab some vinegar or apple cider vinegar on the affected part. Banana peel (the inside) and baking soda with little water work, too. KATINKO ointment, which I always have in my pocket, is great for that. Even that ‘niknik’ or gnat didn’t continue giving me that red swelling that’s typically its iconic mark. Good to ward off mosquitoes this summer especially when your hands are steadily holding your camera for an outdoor ops. No time to swat them lil’ vampires. White Flower or Green Oil ointments is also okay.
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    Susan Aldecoa: Great tip! Thanks for sharing.
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    Mitch Samonte: Lookit all the blood in that sucker!
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    Cary Abeleda: That’s true, Katinko ointment is very effective. The bite (red dot) fades after several applications which otherwise becomes permanent.
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    Glenn A. Bautista: Hi Cary, it’s good to hear from you. Musta na?
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    Juan Riingen: I wish all mosquitoes are Seventh Day Adventists. All of them are either Catholics, Baptists, Methodists or UCCPs.
    16 hours ago · Like

    Glenn A. Bautista: Juan, vegans vs. carnivores?
    16 hours ago · Like

    Cary Abeleda: Hi Glenn! I’m good thank you! Am now a stay at home retiree. I paint as a hobby but not anything close to your masterpieces. Pa Facebook Facebook na lang to keep track of friends from high school and college and former office mates too. Ube will come home for good Oct 2014. He’s looking for a beachfront property to built his house. Good to hear from you!
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