Out of God’s Grace

by Glenn A. Bautista

Perhaps, for a good reason, having wakened up at dawn, I experienced something really mysterious.

David, my son, was awakened too and witnessed this visual experience. This was a 3D experience and this 2D photo does not really capture the moment but merely gives you an idea. I was somewhat suddenly awake, catching myself to have slept on my right side; the right side of my head on my pillow and saw this picture of Mary at first, then Jesus after a few moments.

It was nothing but a piece of scarf wrapped in plastic, remnants of scarves I designed for Ms. Billy Lim, lit by a ten-watt bulb serving as night-light while we slept.

Strangely so, even at three in the morning, David, my 17-year old son was also awake to share those precious moments with me, deciphering the images presented to us. David’s version was different. It was Jesus he saw first, then Mary. I then decided to take photos of these seemingly common, but uncommon manifestations of Jesus and Mary.

The images below are the same photos rotated vertically to have a better view. The unplugged electric fan’s cord plug and the light that came from the night-light created the right eye shadow illusion, the forehead’s frown lines and the hood if it was Jesus, or veil, if it was Mary. The nose, upper and lower lips are mere reflections of the night-lite on the plastic wrap. The head is the scarf’s bulk or mass outlining the entire head.

I entitled this little story as “Out of God’s Grace” because I thought God has already left me since a lot of untoward incidents had been happening to me and my family these past months. Or, perhaps, he wants me to understand something, some painful but meaningful realizations.




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6 responses to “Out of God’s Grace

  1. Out of God’s Grace, can mean -> ‘because’ of his grace but it can also mean, I ‘was not within’ His Grace . .

    Sylvia Morningstar, Albert De Pano, Ricky Cornista, Felix Gonzales, Sylvia Morningstar, Catherine C. Allada, Mario Santa Maria, Ricky Cornista, Rene Ner, Mitch Samonte

    Louie N Jane A: Think the Biblical “Job”. Great gifts come with great obligations. Continue Prayers for clear understanding of HIS wishes. God Bless.

    Mitch Samonte: God is merciful and compassionate to all His children. He gave you a tap to remind you “I am here Glenn Bautista and have never left you.” Remember “footprints in the sand?”

    Glenn A. Bautista: Thanks, Mitch . . yes, I remember “footprints in the sand” . . only His footprints were there, ‘coz He was carrying me. I wonder how that visualization originated?

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