On Cleaning / Repairing Kawai Piano, etc . . .


On Cleaning / Repairing Kawai Piano, etc . . .
by Glenn A. Bautista


photography – David C. Bautista


David subtly using the guitar as his “cajon” drum . .

BF Homes, Paranaque City / March 07 , 2006


Just thought I should share with you David‘s ← (click to view David playing the drums) photographs of the process I had just gone through cleaning, restoring and tuning our upright K.Kawai piano. Fine tuning the piano ’til now and taking medications to rid of my lower back pain, until Lorna helped me ease my pain without medication.

If you want me to assess the status or service your piano, write to me at: bautista.glenn@gmail.com, or even just to give you a few tips on how to ease your lower back pain, the easy and inexpensive way, even without medication. I am the living proof, so you better believe it . . he he




Added: August 08, 2006



A song composed by my friend Dante Ramos, now in Oz, arranged with my help and Boy Ernie @ Glenn’Studio in Imus. The piano piece is about Baby Jarred who was fighting for his life at the Heart Center. His fleeting visit with us made a difference in our lives.


BTW, the video below is “Film-song” I made to focus on the plight of the “Filipino Street Children” dedicated to all Pinoy-mothers, fathers & children.The 3-month effort to make the longer version of this video ended in a letdown after my pc crashed. This effort, a make-do film is only to remind me that I tried making a long video in the past, in my small way. Lyrics, rendition, composition, arrangement, guitar, keyboard are all by yours truly. Thanks for bearing with me, and for watching a glimpse of my, what could have been, longer un-recovered film.




My mother, shortly before she went to her final home to see Jesus face to face, chose this song to comfort herself and make the family realize that she is at peace with herself and with her maker





My scant CF cards and archaic low res CanonG3 digital camera are responsible for the effects incorporated in this particular video — this is really an experiment, a make-do of video materials that could have been trashed w/o second thoughts, it’s only me singin’ n’ i ain’t got nuttin’ 2 lose, nyuk, nyuk







Tatay & Nanay / Rose of Sharon ( a digital interaction by Doris & Glenn) A foto-collage on my folks, we call “Tatay” (father) and “Nanay” (mother). Nanay already went ahead to meet Jesus face to face while Tatay, 94 yrs old, is enjoying the rest of the Bautista family in California, USA. The hymn “Rose of Sharon” was one of Nanay’s favorite songs, thus the title of the video. This is in preparation for the portrait I am commissioned to paint by our eldest sister, Ate Necy, of our folks. She is now in CA with her husband, Kuya Fil, son Willy, and daughter, Carol.

Tatay & Nanay / Rose of Sharon
( a digital interaction by Doris & Glenn)
A foto-collage on my folks, we call “Tatay” (father) and “Nanay” (mother). Nanay already went ahead to meet Jesus face to face while Tatay, 94 yrs old, is enjoying the rest of the Bautista family in California, USA. The hymn “Rose of Sharon” was one of Nanay’s favorite songs, thus the title of the video.


Out of God’s Grace

by Glenn A. Bautista

Perhaps, for a good reason, having wakened up at dawn, I experienced something really mysterious.

David, my son, was awakened too and witnessed this visual experience. This was a 3D experience and this 2D photo does not really capture the moment but merely gives you an idea. I was somewhat suddenly awake, catching myself to have slept on my right side; the right side of my head on my pillow and saw this picture of Mary at first, then Jesus after a few moments.

It was nothing but a piece of scarf wrapped in plastic, remnants of scarves I designed for Ms. Billy Lim, lit by a ten-watt bulb serving as night-light while we slept.

Strangely so, even at three in the morning, David, my 17-year old son was also awake to share those precious moments with me, deciphering the images presented to us. David’s version was different. It was Jesus he saw first, then Mary. I then decided to take photos of these seemingly common, but uncommon manifestations of Jesus and Mary.

The images below are the same photos rotated vertically to have a better view. The unplugged electric fan’s cord plug and the light that came from the night-light created the right eye shadow illusion, the forehead’s frown lines and the hood if it was Jesus, or veil, if it was Mary. The nose, upper and lower lips are mere reflections of the night-lite on the plastic wrap. The head is the scarf’s bulk or mass outlining the entire head.

I entitled this little story as “Out of God’s Grace” because I thought God has already left me since a lot of untoward incidents had been happening to me and my family these past months. Or, perhaps, he wants me to understand something, some painful but meaningful realizations.




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Celebrating the LIFE of TATAY


SCHEDULE OF SERVICES /design by Sony Rifareal


 Rev. Loida Rifareal – 0921-3834878 or 419-6324                                                                                                                                                                              
Johnny Bautista – 0922-8119075 or 826-4436                                                                                                                                                                                Rev. John Manalo – 0918-5576295 or 363-5813


You may also visit Tatay’s Cyberjournal:


It was 1965 and I was 17 years old when my father, Rev. Ignacio P. Bautista, a Methodist minister, encouraged me to join an International Art Competition where submitted artworks were to be exhibited at the New York World’s Fair. Sixty world entries were submitted and visitors at the fair casually voted for the artwork they wished to win. I almost reached the ceiling of our house jumping for joy, when I received a registered “airmail” letter from World Lit-Lit & Christian Literature, United Methodist Church, that I had won the art competition.

Not too long since the announcement, I received a check and some boxes containing Christmas cards of my artwork, “The Event”. I was never the same since then, and had carried on the same passion, with a few interruptions, to paint up to the present time. Below is a bit of text I submitted to suggest or guide the viewer as to what I had in mind when I worked on this award winning piece.



Glenn A. Bautista

The Birth Scene is


designed by God to usher into the world the Kingdom of Heaven. The faint outline of the world, cross, and Bible suggest that the translation of THE EVENT into human experience has not proceeded far enough. But modern man need not accept defeat! The three Wise Men and their modern counterparts are still persistently pointing to the Star of Bethlehem as the one sure hope of peace,” says artist Glenn Bautista, of Manila.

The Event” (tempera on board), First Prize Winner, International Christmas Art Competition, New York World’s Fair, New York, N.Y., U.S.A., World Literacy and Christian Literature, NCC 475 Riverside Drive, New York, N.Y. 10027 @ WLCL, Printed in U.S.A.



Tatay & Glenn / Glenn’s Studio / Imus, Cavite / 1998

From: GLENN BAUTISTA                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Sent: Thursday, December 27, 2007 08.23 A                                                                                                                                                                                                     To: Felizardo D Laureano; Jun(Jay) Bautista; Edwin A. Bautista; Doriene Hilario; Magusig Jr Manalo;                                                                                                           John Michael Bautista; Doris Lois B Rifareal; Loida Bautista Rifareal

Subject: Tatay & Nanay


Dearest All / Bautista Family – Spouses, Husbands, Nephews, Nieces,

We’ve learned only last night from Johnny’s text message followed by a phone call about our beloved Tatay’s physical departure.

I have come up with a brief blog on Tatay and Nanay which active link you may click below:




You may send to me any photos or text messages that you would want included in this Tatay/Nanay Documentation so that we can easily access later in the future the many good memories we have of our dear parents. This blog space is dedicated for this purpose.

Be strong, have faith and always trust in the Lord.

May I hear from all of you





Nieces Bessy & Doris

Dear all,

A sad day for all of us …

However, we must move on and work on the preparations. As per Auntie Eunice’s assignment, Kuya Sonny and myself are already working on the design for the cover of the liturgy, thank you cards, etc. Para sa lahat, kung meron ho kayo, would you please send me (by email attachment) what you think is your best picture of Lolo. Highest resolution you have (no limit sa file size). Kahit isa lang; and from here, mamimili na lang kami ng gagamitin. I know you will all be very busy at this time, but I hope you can respond soonest. Will welcome any design ideas too. Auntie Eunice, when do you need the liturgy, etc.? Also if you can send us the schedule of services dyan so we can prepare the poster also. Please see attached poster na ginagamit natin noon kay Lola, for your reference lang. Anything else you want us to do, just tell us.


Doris Lois B. Rifareal

DESIGNWORKERS Creative Services

(63 2) 419 6324 | (63 919) 211 2014
78 Venus Street, Constellation Homes
Novaliches, Caloocan City North 1422


Ate Loida’s photo of Tatay


Hi Doris & All,


So far, from the photos I have of Tatay, eto pa lang ang choice ko . .

photo ata ito taken by Ate Loida when she went there. I want to see Tatay

from his more recent photos that we know of him na masaya.

I merely took out the background and enhanced his face.


Uncle Glenn

Afrie Songco Joye to Felizardo, me
show details 12:57 PM (1 hour ago)


Afrie Songco Joye

Our deep sympathy and prayer to you all. . .

Pastor Bautista gave his full support when I was assigned at Central Church. He was a humble servant of Christ.

May we keep alive his legacy of selfless ministry and concern for others.

My sister Norma Mendoza passed away last Saturday in Seattle from heart failure. Visitation and viewing will be on Sunday, Dec. 30 from 9am to 9pm; and the celebration of her life and burial will be on Monday, Dec. 31, 9am at FOREST LAWN, GLENDALE.


Dear Afrie, 

The loss of a dear sister is not a easy fact to accept. But, when we meditate on the the verse:

For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.”

somehow, it makes us understand God’s purpose, God’s love and God’s offer for salvation through our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Let us weep for a while but celebrate forever.

Take care, Afrie.

In Christ,




Ate Miriam & Tatay / CA, USA

Felizardo D Laureano



Eunice B. Laureano


To all friends, relatives and family,

Our dear father, a dear servant of the Lord,
the Rev. Ignacio P. Bautista, went to be with His
loving Creator, Friend and Savior – our Lord Jesus
Christ whom he loved and served..
Peace and blessings to all!

Eunice B. Laureano
(Eldest daughter)

On Dec 27, 2007 12:08 PM, Felizardo D Laureano wrote:

Eto, Ate Necy:

Also, Loyola needs to know the flight details as soon as it’s available.


Please whoever has the following info about Loyola, send them to us ASAP.
We need to give this to the mortuary here so they can make arrangements
for Tatay’s flight to the Philippines.
Full name of Loyola: Loyola Memorial Park
Address: A. Bonifacio Ave., Tanong, Marikina
Telephone number: (011632) 9413611
Fax number: (011632) 9413007
Contact Person: Gabby / Jeff
Any info that will help that I might have missed.
Please do a reply to all.
-Ate Necy




Hi Doris & All,




Uncle Johnny is here beside me right now. He likes the photo attached.

Ikaw rin ata ang may gawa nito, nilagyan ko lang ng butterflies.

Also, we will use this photo alongside with Ate Loi’s crosstitch (of Tatay)

to be placed beside Tatay at Central and Loyola.

Uncle Glenn


Doris Lois B Rifareal to Sonny, me
show details 10:47 PM (4 hours ago)


Thanks Uncle. – Doris

Felizardo D Laureano to me, Doris, Ignacio, Jun, Jun(Jay), Edwin, Magusig, John, edwin, edwing, edwinlee, Loida

Yes, use this one.
Ate Necy


Felizardo D Laureano to Edwin, Ignacio
show details 7:43 PM (23 minutes ago)




Ok, Ate . . but I don’t have the letters from

Dan T. Benedict, then Pastor of Covina UMC

and Bishop Arichea, yung kay Dr. Afrie Songco lang ang meron.

Ate, kung gusto mong hindi mahirapan, just send to me

all your correspondence, ako na ang mag-aayos sa blog link na ito

where you can get them:






On Dec 27, 2007 11:38 PM, Felizardo D Laureano wrote:

Attached are some pictures you may want to add to the write-ups.
I will look for some more. If you need any picture of anybody – let me know.




A great man once walked this earth and changed our lives,

in ways so profound there are no words. His life touching ours is

but one reason we can never thank God enough.



Bessie Rifareal, granddaughter

* * *

Pastor Bautista gave his full support when I was assigned

at Central Church.He was a humble servant of Christ.

May we keep alive his legacy of selfless ministry and concern for others.-


Dr. Afrie Songco

We are very sorry to know that the great patriarch of our humble church –

The Emmaus passed away. He will be out of our sight, but not from our memory.

We all love and respect him very much!!!! Our consolation is knowing that by

leaving this world, he is now with the angels and saints, at rest and at peace, i

n the Kingdom of Heaven- the abode of our merciful and loving God.

Roger Abarientos, a parishioner.


Your father was a great man of God, and will always be remembered for his

dedication to the Lord and his commitment to the ministry of the church.

While we mourn his departure, yet we celebrate his life which meant

so much to so many people.



Bishop Daniel & Ruth Arichea


Rev. I. P. Bautista is a true servant of God.He lives what he preaches.

I learned much from our Sunday School class when he taught us.

His advices are my inspiration as I go along my life’s journey.

I will surely miss him and his wife’s company.



Maria R. Abesamis / parishioner


I was a teenager when I first met Pastor I.P. Bautista.

After our ROTC training onSunday mornings, I and a number of cadets,

all evangelicals, would make our way from Luneta to Central Church at

T.M. Kalaw to attend the church service and hear “Pastor Pogi” preach.

We called him “Pastor Pogi” because he was so good looking and dignified.

His sermon was always encouraging, simple and full of timely advise.

When my family moved to Marikina in the Philippines, I served as a steward

of our church.Pastor I.P. was the District Superintendent of the Quezon City District.

For three years, he counseled me and answered my questions about my work.

I just felt that God put him there to meet my needs. He was truly a blessing to me

and my church. When we came to California, I met him and Nanay (mother) at the

First Filipino-American United Methodist Church (FFAUMC) in Hacienda Heights.

He was a retired pastor this time and was our Sunday School teacher for seniors.

His work of nurturing me continued until he finally moved to another church.
But even then, we saw each other every time I took him and Nanay to the grocery.

I’d drive them home and Nanay would cook and would serve us delicious meals.

Again we had the opportunity to fellowship as we eat lunch together.

Truly, Pastor I.P.’s influence has touched my life and I thank God for this precious gift.

Hector Quiambao, parishioner / October 21, 2007



Richard Kendall


These words of love, appreciation and tribute come from the Rev. Richard Kendall,

who was Superintendent of the Pasadena District of the United Methodist Church

in the years 1978-1984.

In the late 1970’s when Sue and I moved to Pasadena to the District Superintendency

of the United Methodist Church, a major migration of Filipino people had begun

to settle in Southern California.I. P. came with his wife Eugenia with that migration.

Before coming to America he had had positions of significant leadership and influence

in the church of the Philippines.A group of Christians from his country had settled

at the Rosewood United Methodist Church in Los Angeles, the Bautistas and their family with them.

In 1980, I. P. and Eugenia came with nearly 100 of their countrymen to join with the congregation

and new pastor, the Rev. Dan Benedict, at the Covina United Methodist Church, to form

a new “Filipino Ministry”, focusing on the needs of the San Gabriel Valley.

From the very beginning this ministry (not yet a charteredchurch) looked to I.P.

as a spiritual father and Pastor.His maturity, experience, commitment and leadership

was quickly accepted and much-loved.He gathered around him men and women

with many spiritual gifts – leaders, administrators, teachers, musicisans, and lay speakers.

Under I.P.’s leadership many wonderful things began to happen.He preached strong

evangelical messages.He trained leaders, young and old, in the ways of serving a congregation.

Strong programs for children, youth and families were begun.Lay speakers were trained for

many leadership roles.Young couples were married, babies baptized, and a growing core of

spiritual leaders was raised up.The “Covina Filipino Ministry” began to produce young

leaders who would soon seek training and ordination to follow in his footsteps.

Because of I.P. and Eugenia’s influence, a deep spirit of love and caring was felt in all parts o

f the ministry.

We can recall many wonderful events we shared with them – Sunday worship, family meals

n the Social Hall, and on the church lawn, children and youth activities, dramas and musicals,

women’s meetings, and all those growing experiences of a new congregation.

He and Eugenia were great examples as a pastoral couple; modest and caring leaders.

Their family has also continued to bless their friends, community and church.

That was “only the beginning!”Before we retired from the District, plans and dreams

were accomplished for the Filipino Ministry to become a strong chartered church,

I.P.’s fondest dream.Of all the experiences in our years on the District,

this was one of our greatest joys and fulfillments.The year we retired,

1984, the “Filipino Ministry” was charted as the “First Filipino-American Church

of San Gabriel Valley.”Alfredo Agtarap then became the local pastor, followed in 1986

by Adiel de Pano (who later followed me as Pastor of the Oxnard United Methodist Church

and is now my later-year successor as Superintendent of the Pasadena District. –

what wonderful ways the Lord works!

Two years later, 1988, a place to house the new church was found at the buildings

of the Hillgrove United Methodist Church in Hacienda Heights.With labors and gifts

of the congregation, and assistance from the Sierra Made UMC Foundation,

the Filipino Ministry purchased the Hillgrove buildings and moved to Hacienda Heights.

The remaining HIllgrove congregation merged with them to solidify the ministry.

We rejoice at having known I.P. and Eugenia, and being able to share these

remembrances of their remarkable ministry in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Richard Kendall, ex-Superintendent, Pasadena District – 1978-1984
October 10, 2007


From: “Rev. N. Adiel A. DePano” To: “Felizardo D Laureano” Date: Thu, 27 Dec 2007 16:28:19 -0800
Subject: Re: Thank You!


Looks like the e-card we sent you cut off the last part of the poem. So here it is again!
We shall see you on the 4th for Tatay’s service, or sooner. Please let us know what
TIME the service is set for. Thank you.
Memory work
by Jack Riemer and Sylvan D. Kamens
In the rising of the sun and in its going down, we remember them.
In the blowing of the wind and in the chill of winter, we remember them.In the opening
of the buds and in the rebirth of spring, we remember them.
In the blueness of the sky and in the warmth of summer, we remember them.
In the rustling of leaves and in the beauty of autumn, we remember them.
In the beginning of the year and when it ends, we remember them.When we are weary
and in need of strength, we remember them.
When we are lost and sick at heart, we remember them.When we have joys we yearn to share,
we remember them.
So long as we live, they too shall live, for they are now a part of us, as we remember them.
—– Original Message —–
From: Felizardo D Laureano
To: adieldepano
Sent: Thursday, December 27, 2007 3:20 PM
Subject: Thank You!
Thank you, Adiel, Brenda and family,
What an assuring thought – memories will forever linger as we continue our life’s journey
with all the kind and gentle reminders of nature around us – the presence of a God
who first loved us and of a loved one that we really have not lost forever.
Thanks for the Presence that only those who truly love the Lord can feel.
What a blessing!
Peace and blessings to the family! We love you!
Ninang Eunice
Tatay going up the 4th level rooftop /
taken w/ my 2nd Sony Mavica digital camera / Glenn’s Studio, Imus, Cavite /1998
Sorry about the resolution of this photo, but I only wish to share with you one of the
most important photos I have taken in my entire life. From the first floor, upon waking up,
I sawTatay attempting to climb to the 2nd floor without any help from anybody.
In fact there was one instance that he went around my property where he fell off from the
cement wall trying to view my studio’s entire lot. So, I had to get to him and it was fortunate
that Kuya Gelly and Ate Ruth were already up and about at that time. My father told me,
“it took you several years, about the age of David to construct this place for us and I only have to
climb to the top for a few minutes to see what you have done! But Tatay, even the young ones
have a hard time getting up there because of the height, much more if one has vertigo.
He said “don’t worry, when I get up there, I will hardly see the bottom part anyway,
for by then the distance will give me a blur image or not see it at all”. -glenn




Dear Ones who know and love the Rev. I. P. Bautista,

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, in whose death and resurrection

is our hope and joy, even in the face of death. I count it one of the highlights of ministry that I knew

your father (for some of the flesh and for most of you in the spirit). I first met him on the first Sunday of

July 1980.

He, along with about 80 Filipinos from the Rosewood UMC, Asbury UMC and Covina UMC

(addition mine [Eunice], who were making exodus to be part of the Covina UMC, was present.

It was my first Sunday at Covina, and an exciting glorious day of Christian unity as we

celebrated the Lord’s Supper together and  I.P. participated in leading the service and in

serving the sacrament.

From that day one, I felt like I had a wise, winsome and seasoned pastor as a colleague and friend.

There was no question that he was a pastor to the Filipino community at Covina,

and yet he and all of you, welcomed us with open hands and hearts and O, so much good food

at those Sunday meals on the lawn. The “big church” people all went home after a cup of coffee

and then we strolled over to the tables and the real feasting began – always with lots of laughter,

sharing, and lingering with the long afternoon. It was Filipino time!

I.P. showed me how a real pastor is able to give and receive. He was so beloved by you,

his people, some of whom knew him in the Philippines. I was used to giving as a pastor,

but I saw how he received loved from all of you. He doted on his children they loved him back.

I wasn’t always sure the teenagers were as open with their affection – but they did love and

respect him despite their reticent youthful uncertainty about showing their feelings with anyone o

ther than their peers. And all the adults seemed to honor Pastor I.P. with unfailing warmth and trust,

even if there were sometimes when there was variance in opinions about how the Filipino Ministry

(as it was called then) should unfold.

He knew that Mary O (my wife) and I were unfamiliar with Filipino ways, like the weeklong times

of mourning of death. He coached me, found ways for me to share pastoral ministry with the people,

and held me in highest regard – more than I deserved! But then, that was I.P. – he acted not on the

other person’s merit, but upon their being a fellow human being.  I.P.  was a gentleman and a gentle

man. He was soft spoken. I don’t think I ever heard him raise his voice – though maybe his family did!

He and Eugenia, his beloved wife, were a sweet pair together. Ordained ministry had been demanding

on them as a team, but I always saw them together as a couple. The strains of ministry did not seem to

chisel away at his attentiveness to her. He kept her in view and in his love, even in the midst of

pastoral service.

When time and the bishop moved me and my family on to Chula Vista, I deeply missed my colleague.

We may have had a few additional phone conversations and a time or two of meeting, but our worlds

separated. Yet, in my spirit and mental photo album there was I.P.He is an enduring presence and, to

me,  a model pastor and a true Christian. When I heard today that he was still alive, I rejoiced and again

gave  thanks for him. When you hear or read this, he will have passed away from us to join Eugenia and

a host of others who, as the Lessons and Carols Service for Christmas Eve has it, “dwell on another shore

and in a greater light”. Grieve his loss to you, but rejoice in the hope of resurrection and of God’s

faithfulness to those whom God claimed in baptism. –


Dan T. Benedict, then Pastor of Covina UMC



Tatay-Nanay Dancing / CA USA




Sal with Pastor I.P. Bautista / CA, USA




Being one great Filipino worker in God’s vineyard, Pastor I.P.’s ethnic vitality in his vocation is a vigorous expression of his great faith in God.It has been a very fortunate experience for me to have known and to have worked with him in Christ’s ministry not only in the formation and the chartering of the First Filipino-American United Methodist Church of San Gabriel Valley in California USA but also in various aspects in the life of this our Filipino-American church particularly the acquisition of a church property. One poignant episode in my life with moments of bonding with him occurred one Sunday afternoon in the back of our newly acquired church property in Hacienda Heights (formerly Hillgrove UMC); he held my left hand and led me to the far end at the back of the church property. There he asked me to pray with him to thank God for His graciousness and faithfulness in making one of his dream for the Filipino Ministry that he built as the founding pastor, come into fruition: that the Filipino Ministry to have a church building of her own. He even told me that if possible he may want to get buried there where we stood, when he dies. Being in the ministry of church planting, especially when he was a pastor of several local churches and a district superintendent in the Philippines, he believed that this church acquisition may be the climax of his extended ministry.

Most people in our church family have fondly called Pastor I.P. as Tatay, which my wife and I do too. But I consider him as my Tatay more than just calling him that…I lost my own beloved father at a young age of 10 years old. So, I have longed for a father in the growing years of my life and found one when he became the founding pastor of the Filipino Ministry of Covina UMC to which my family belonged. He taught me and nurtured me a lot about serving in the Lord’s ministry. He honed me in providing servant leadership in our church which later on with his help became the First Filipino-American United Methodist Church in San Gabriel Valley. Spiritually, he belongs to the “great cloud of witness” that surrounded me in my Christian walk.
I praised God for Pastor I.P. for being our founding pastor who came out of retirement and unselfishly provided us with his pastoral and spiritual leadership. Through the years of his active participation in the life of our church and even when we formed another church, I have known him to be always thoughtful of the needs of others, asked little for himself, and have given his time and energy generously to anyone needing it. He has been one of the most helpful and thoughtful people I have known him to be always sensitive to the feelings and aspirations of his brothers and sisters in the Faith. He will always be in our hearts and in our minds even as we remember him in sickness and in health.
– Sal


December 27, 2007


Dearest Ate,

Ang tanging naisip ko ang mapabilang o nakasama ko si Tatay sa maikling panahon

ay para sa akin ay para akong nasa langit, nakita ko kay tatay ang walang bahid

na kasalanan, busilak ang puso, isa siyang BANAL Mananatili sa aking puso ang mga

naituro nya. Alam kong kapiling na siya nang kanyang mga mahal sa buhay mga kapatid

at higit sa lahat si Nanay.





to2e(at)aol.com to me
show details 7:05 PM (9 hours ago)




May the Good Pastor Bautista find an Eternal Peace
that was already laid down for him and for you,


Bro, my prayers, sana magkaroon kayo, sampu ng ‘yong
mag-anak ng kaluwalhatian at iisang ispiritu sa
pagtanggap ng malungkot na pagtalikod ng isang
Alagad at Mandirigma ni Kristo.


Punta ka rito?





Ben Razon to me
show details 7:17 PM (9 hours ago)

Glenn, sa states si erpats pumanaw? My condolences. Sana okay naman
ang pag asikaso sa kanya ng pamilya mo rin doon.


Constante Tagamolila to me, Ben, edd, Claro, Ed, maldegue, rsamonte1, dingroces, joe, Clemencio, joel.magpayo, vicsmsn, angela, Heber, marne, melissa, Tony, tony
show details 3:20 AM (22 minutes ago)


I am saddened when I learned that your Tatay passed away on the 25th. A consolation is that he had met all his family members and probably was feeling happy before he left peacefully to claim his Gift of Heaven from Jesus. Though we all expect to go sooner or later, I know that the feeling of great loss is inevitable in moments like this. My heartfelt sympathy goes out and I commiserate deeply with you and your family, Glenn.

With prayers for your Dad and the loved ones he left behind,

ps. Thanks for your feedback on Vincent. I presume you are using a PC (not a Mac) and that you wereable to hear the song Vincent during the slideshow.


Hi BenR, EdL, Tante,
My brothers and sisters long prepared for that inevitable day when my father would physically leave us.
We have been in constant communication via email and skype. His remains will be brought here in the
next few weeks to join Nanay at Loyola and the rest of the family.
God bless,


Felizardo D Laureano to Daniel
show details 5:09 AM (56 minutes ago)
Dear Bishop,
Thank you for your most welcomed desire to be with our family. We are in the process of finalizing the
details for here. After that, we will send the schedule to the Philippines so they can finalize the schedule there.
We were told earlier that Tatay will be flown to the Philippines by Monday, January 7.
However, it can also be earlier or on Tuesday at the latest. So we are crossing our fingers.
For sure we will let you know.
I will forward your email to Loida and my other siblings there – especially to my nephew John Manalo –
to follow this through to make sure you are kept informed.
Thank you again. It feels so good to belong to the Family of God! This is the blessing that is so priceless.
Our thanks are not enough for taking the time to connect with us.
Peace and blessings to you, to Ruth and to the rest of the family. Have a safe trip home.
Please extend our love to all you will meet on behalf of our dear Tatay.
“Daniel C. Arichea Jr” wrote:
Dear Eunice,
Please keep us informed of necrological plans. It was a happy coincidence that I was invited to preach
at Central Church during the time that your mother was lying at state at Central Church, and we were a
ble to meet the whole family. So I am simply asking if there are similar plans for your dad.
The reason is we are in Ventura right now, but are leaving for Manila tomorrow arriving there on
Saturday evening. It would be a privilege for us to come and see you and the rest of the family,
as well as pay our last respects to your dad.
By the way, I preached at First Fil-Am Church last Sunday, and your dad was included in their prayer list.
May God continue to surround you with grace, comfort, and love.
Danny Arichea


Felizardo D Laurean wrote:
Thank you dear Bishop and Ruth. Your kind words are food to our souls during this time of great loss
knowing that our dear Tatay has a place in the heart of so many he loved and respect.
Thank you and with deepest appreciation on behalf of our family,
“Daniel C. Arichea Jr” wrote:
Dear Eunice,
Our thoughts and prayers are with you and the rest of the family during this time of sorrow and
feeling of loss. Your father was a great man of God, and will always be remembered for his
dedication to the Lord and his commitment to the ministry of the church. While we mourn his departure,
yet we celebrate his life which meant so much to so many people.
May the Lord surround you with comforting and restoring grace.
Ruth and Danny Arichea
claro(at)cortes.com to me
show details 7:45 AM (3 hours ago)
i am so sorry to hear the passing away of your dad.our heartfelt condolences and prayers are with you!
I am sure your dad is in good hands now.
– – –
hi Claro,
ok lang bro . . naka coping mode pa rin but it’s only now that missing Tay and Nay starts to sink in. I just wish they were still around. Family from d US still here and we’re happy being together. Lorna will leave Feb 1 for Hawaii to take her PT Exam and she’ll be back Feb 9. Pls pray that she passes.Ingat bro.-glenn2008/1/23 Claro Cortes:
thanks mario,
kaaliw talaga ang mga internet photos. paikot ikot sa mundo. timeless…hehehe.
ganda nung camel shot pang natgeo 🙂 tama sabi ni glenn. simple shot but technically hard to organize. hindi lang rent-a-car pati rent-a-copter. hehehe.
kamusta ka na!
Mario Aldeguer to me
show details 8:20 PM (11 hours ago)
Our prayers are with you and your family.
God Bless,
edd aragon to me
show details 5:47 PM (14 hours ago)


i know you’re still sorry for your loss.
our sincere prayers.

i’m coming home april. will we see each


On 2007.12.28 8:28 AM, Felizardo D Laureano wrote:

Dear folks!
Below is the schedule for the funeral services.
How quickly can you
do the flyer so we can email it out
at least by tomorrow morning? Please make it .
Please let me know.


Friday, January 4, 2008

First Filipino-American United Methodist Church
of San Gabriel Valley

1415 S. Ninth Avenue, Hacienda Heights

Hacienda Heights, CA91745

5:00 – 7:00 p.m.Public Viewing

7:00 – 8:00 p.m.Service of Remembrance

8:00 – 9:00 p.m.Slideshow – Life and Ministry of

The Rev. Ignacio P. Bautista

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Funeraria Del Angel (Pierce Brothers)

2333 W. Merced Avenue

W. Covina, CA91790

Tel No: 626.962.8534

12:00 noon – 4:00Public Viewing

4:00 – 5:00 p.m.Final Funeral Service
We’ll send it you by 7:00 AM your time. Pls send us the corrections between now and then. – Bes –
Felizardo D Laureano to Loida, Doris, ebrifareal, Elbert
show details 12:19 PM
Dear Dr. & Mrs. Wethington,
Maraming salamat din po sa inyong pagbati. Natutuwa kami na marunong pa kayo ng Tagalog.
Thank you for your words of comfort. Though in grief for the loss of our dear Tatay, we are also
celebrating a life that touched so many others just like you touch us with yours.
We are indeed overwhelmed by the many expressions we have been receiving from the
Family of God – a privileged and blessed group to belong to.
Peace and blessing to both of you – aming mga kapatid kay Kristo.
Eunice and the Bautista family
Their e-mail addresses:
I am forwarding your message to them.
“Loida Bautista Rifareal”
“Doris Lois B. Rifareal”


From: L. Elbert Wethington
Date: Dec 27, 2007 6:09 PM
Subject: FW: Our condolences and love
To: Felizardo D Laureano


Mahal na Eunice at Fil,

can you please send this e-mail to Loida, Bess and
Doris. The address I have been using is not getting through, continues to bounce back.

Maraming pong salamat.



> [Original Message]
> From: L. Elbert Wethington
> To: Loida B. Rifareal
> Date: 12/27/2007 8:51:15 PM
> Subject: Our condolences and love

Dear Loida, Bessie and Doris Lois,

Please know that we keep you in our love and prayers during these difficult days of accepting the loss of your father’s physical presence among us. But even with the pain we experience we have a foretaste of the “glory divine,” which we expect to share with all the saints in full communion with Holy Love.

Miriam shared with us the arrangements for the memorial service Sunday afternoon. We love each of you as our own family and will keep each and all of you in our hearts during the following days. We are also sharing this information with Mark and Olin who have expressed great gratitude for Loida’s contribution to their sentimental visit to Manila a few days ago.

Grace and peace which passes all understanding in the presence  and power of the Holy Spirit.


Elbert and Lois



Re: Memoir of Tatay From Pareng Sal:



The Rev. Ignacio P. Bautista Has Gone

to be with his Heavenly Father


Dear Pare and Mare,

Your words made my Tatay come very much alive in my heart. My tears are streaming

down my cheeks as I read your memoir only to discover that he had desired so quietly

in his heart to be laid where he ended his ministry. I know for sure what a big place the

First Filipino-American United Methodist Church occupies in his heart. He savors those

moments as both he and Nanay would watch videos and listen to tape recordings of events

and activities that transpired during their ministry – while Nanay does her crocheting or

embroidery and Tatay washed the dishes. To them FFAUMC was their baby Isaac at their

advance age. How his heart must have bled with inner pain when things happened that

should not have. When I was invited to speak at Hacienda at its 2007 church anniversary,

I asked him what message he wants me to tell them. He could no longer speak long

sentences then – except for a few syllable words like “Ok”, “Oo” and “Mabuti”.

So I had to put words into his mouth and asked him, “Do you want me to tell them

that you love them very much?” And he answered me “OO” for the three times

I repeated the question.




Thank you very, very much for your remembrance of him. We just feel so loved by

God’s people that we truly savor these words of encouragements from brothers and

sisters in the Lord.

We would be happy to have a picture of your family – if only to remind us of the years
we shared together at St. Peter UMC.
Is your Mom living with you? Send my love to her too!
Peace and blessings to you, Ding and Bethelyn.
I would love to see her – even just in a picture.
Peace to you!
Ate Necy
On 12/27/07, Annie Mateo wrote:
My dear Ate Necy,
brothers and sisters and your
Ding and I, our daughter Bethelyn, and my Mom Lydia
want to share in the loss of your dear father, Rev.
Ignacio. I can still remember him as he served as
District Superintendent of the United Methodist Church
and vaguely remember how he looked like then. Indeed,
he had been a faithful servant of the Lord.Here’s praying that may
God be near you all at this time and comfort your hearts.
“In quietness and in confidence shall be your strength.” – Isaiah 30:15Love,
THE MATEOS (Ding, Annie and Bethelyn) plus Lydia
Felizardo D Laureano to me
show details 4:41 AM (3 hours ago)
For inclusion in your project. Very well said and expressed.
Thank you Sonny for your unselfish thoughts and mature thoughts of Lolo.
I love you, Arni, Zeke and Zach. We’ll write you longer later.
Auntie———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Sonny Rif Date: Dec 28, 2007 11:34 AM
Subject: Thank you…
To: Felizardo D Laureano
Hello Auntie!
What can I say, but thank you for liking the designs. Plano ko sana is just to use only
one of the 3 themes so that we have a consistency in all our materials for Lolo.
But if you like them all, I will be more than happy to help finalize them.
Anyway, those 3 themes do convey the different emotions/feelilngs that each of us
who love him feel about his passing away — saddened, sad and happy, and happy.
I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you how I felt about Lolo’s passing away.
Alam niyo? When I first heard the news about this, my immediate feeling is that of
relief and happiness for Lolo; then I felt sadness and began missing him as thoughts
of him came to my mind. But most of all, I was happy, for at last his hurts and pains
are gone; for at last, he is with Lola once again; and most of all, at last, Lolo is now with
God and enjoying His promises to him — oh, how happy I am knowing that that is all
happening now, at this very moment, somewhere in heaven!
Now, when I think of Lolo, it’s not anymore thoughts of him bedridden, weak and old.
I see him all jolly and happy again, maybe running in heaven with Lola and Lola showing
him the wonderful sights and sounds of heaven! My imagination just runs wild with thougths
f how happy Lolo now is; and how happy Lola must be that now they’re together once again
— parang they’re having their second honeymoon, the best honeymoon spot ever!
Knowing that my imagination doesn’t even justify what heaven really is, makes me feel
even more happier for him, and also for her.
Much like the third concept, this is really a time for celebration, with fireworks and everything.
Yes, true, we feel sad about his passing away because we will miss him; but hey,
this is all temporary. For soon, we will be with him and lola again, di po ba?
Ok, until next time Auntie, just take it easy, ok?
Arni sends her regards and will soon write to you.
much love from my family,
Felizardo D Laureano wrote:

Hi all,
Sorry guys, for all the TIME AND EFFORT you GAVE, I am JUST SO SO sorry to say.


. . .

Superb job, Sonny!!!!
I like the verses. They speak well of Tatay
We will use them all and make copies of each for the total number we need.
This will also be good media for the viewers to comtemplate on the life of
Tatay as they read the text and the images on each of the flyers.
Also a good spring board for conversations to start sharing stories about
Nanay and Tatay as we explain the symbolims reflected on the art work.

I will be disseminating the flyers through e-mail but we will just print probably
two copies each for the display unless we have additional requests.
Okay ba sa iyo yon, Sonny? I will put a note of who the author of these
designs is. Or, Bessie, can you do a line or two of that so I can do justice
to Sonny? Or, a write up for the Creative team for the whole project.
I don’t think it is boasting! It would be in the manner it is stated or written.
It is an expression of gratitude for the use of your skills and talents.
Yes, do one for the whole team. Only, if you agree.
I am just so proud of you guys!

ps: The recipents can print their own. How is that?

On 12/28/07, Doris Lois B Rifareal wrote:
Dear all,
Here are the initial designs Kuya made. Draft lang ito kaya yung
text sample lang, but please take note of the bible verses we
used kung ok lang. Also, check date of birth and death.
Kung US time, Dec 26 ho ba?
Welcome any suggestions sa design. Meron pa si kuya hinahabol
na isa pang set of design.


Design by : Sonny Rifareal
Ate Necy, Sonny, Doris, Bessy& Bautistfam, David has seen all of the designs
submitted by Sonny and this one above is his favorite. He particularly likes the
texts that go with the photo/design.
show details 4:38 PM (15 hours ago)

Ate, wala yung pic ni Danny . .


On Dec 28, 2007 3:35 PM, Felizardo D Laureano wrote:

Thank you, Danny! I have been busy responding to emails! Will give you the website
when ready so you will see your “pogi” pix!
Ate EuniceDanny Hernaez wrote:
I know you would remember these pictures Felizardo D Laureano
Dear Danny,
Only if you have time, we would appreciate having a picture of you to go
along with your witness. Glenn is compiling all of these on the web
(I will give you the site when ready)
Can you please, if you don’t mind another favor, to send it directly to
Glenn at this email address: Glen B. Bautista
Thank you!
Ate Eunice
Doris Lois B Rifareal to Felizardo, me, Felizardo, ebrifareal, sonnyrif
Goodnight, Auntie. – Doris
From: Felizardo D Laureano
Sent: Friday, December 28, 2007 04.15 P
To: GLENN BAUTISTA; Doris Lois B. Rifareal; Felizardo Laureano
Subject: Tulog muna ako!
It’s 12:15 p.m. na here. I’ll catch some sleep. I’ve been up since 3:00 a.m. this morning.
You take it easy guys!
Love you all!
Felizardo D Laureano to me, Doris, sonnyrif, ebrifareal
show details 9:56 PM
I am awestruck! No comment. Same comments.
FINALIZE ALL. Use same designs for other items in the project. Any of them will do very well.
Thank you Sonny for doing these for Lolo. He must be telling Nanay and the angels in heaven
how proud he is of his children and grandchildren!
I am crying again!
– Hide quoted text –
On 12/28/07, GLENN BAUTISTA wrote:
maganda lahat uli, si Ate na lang ang mag-decide . . lahat na lang kaya gamitin.

On Dec 28, 2007 5:56 PM, Doris Lois B Rifareal wrote:
Another set of design studies.
From: Doris Lois B Rifareal
Sent: Friday, December 28, 2007 04.19 P
To: ‘Felizardo D Laureano’
Cc: ‘Glenn A. Bautista’; ‘Jun Bautista’; ‘Jun(Jay) Bautista’; ‘Edwin A. Bautista’; ‘Magusig Jr Manalo’; ‘John Michael Bautista’; ‘edwin lee bautista’; ‘edwing bautista’; ‘edwinlee bautista’; ‘Loida Bautista Rifareal’; ‘Sonny Rif’;
Subject: Design studies 1 & 2

Dear all,

Here are the initial designs Kuya made. Draft lang ito kaya yung text sample lang, but please take note of the bible verses we used kung ok lang. Also, check date of birth and death. Kung US time, Dec 26 ho ba?

Welcome any suggestions sa design. Meron pa si kuya hinahabol na isa pang set of design.


to Doris Lois B Rifareal ,
date Dec 28, 2007 11:09 PM
subject Re: Who is Lolo to us?
mailed-by gmail.com
–I am deeply touched by your insight and how you perceived Lolo. He truly reflected the Rock in his life. He has gone through many trials in life – but never really succumbed to it.
My earnest and genuine hope for all of us in the family is to catch this Spirit that dwellt in him that made him a victor though he left this world without any worldly possessions at all. I need to be strong myself for there are times that the enemy wants to overpower us in all directions. But God’s presence has always put me through and I know He will my whole life through. And He will do the same for all of us if we but do our part and remain faithful to Him.
You may want to have these verses put together in one page to serve as a meditation piece for those who will come to pay their last respects to Tatay/Lolo.
The verses from Philippians reflects the lyrics of one of Lolo’s favorite hymns “when I Survey the Wondrous Cross”. I believe in my heart that he chose not to complain of pain at all as he is reminded of the image of our Lord Jesus hanging on the cross – who suffered for all of the sins of all of us (no exception). He has paid all of them more than 2000 years ago. We just have to believe that that was already a done deal. We only have to accept and believe that He did it because He loved us so much and want us back in his loving arms. He made us for Himself that is why He craves for us to love him back and stay and stick with HIm through thick and thin.
Thank you for sharing this with me. I love you all and will continue to be proud of you!
On 12/28/07, Doris Lois B Rifareal wrote:
We (Kuya, Ate, Arni and myself) brainstormed, via chatting, on how to go about with the design. Arni and Kuya compiled these verses, na nagsilbing guide na rin ni Kuya for the design.
LOLO = THE ROCK, that’s how I and most people see him. When I come upon passages in the Bible talking about God , the Rock , foundation, fortress , refuge, strength etc., always, what comes to mind is Lolo; for he showed and taught me all about my Rock – God. He may not know it, but to me, and I think to most people, Lolo is also to us, like a Rock.A Firm Ground to stand on…

Exodus 33:21. And the Lord said, Behold, there is a place by me, and thou shalt stand upon a rock.

A Good provider, A refuge…

·Numbers 24:21. …Strong is thy dwelling place, and thou puttest thy nest in a rock.

·2 Samuel 22:3. The God of my rock; in him will I trust: He is my shield, and the Horn Of my salvation, my high tower, and my refuge, my saviour; thou savest me from violence.

A Fortress; My Defender…

·2 Samuel 22: 2. And he said, The Lord is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer;

·Psalms 31:2 Bow down thine ear to me; deliver me speedily: be thou my strong rock, for an house of defence to save me.

·Job 39:27. Doth the eagle mount up at thy command, and make her nest on high?

·28. She dwelleth and abideth on the rock, upon the crag of the rock, and the strong place.

·Romans 9:33. As it is written, Behold, I lay in Sion a stumblingstone and rock of offence: and whosoever believeth on him shall not be ashamed.

My strength, and guide…

·2 Samuel 22: 32. For who is God, save the Lord? and who is a rock, save our God?

·33. God is my strength and power: and he maketh my way perfect.

·Deut 32:4. He is the Rock, his work is perfect: for all his ways are judgment: a God of truth and without iniquity, just and right is he.

He strengthens my faith…

·2 Samuel 22:47. The Lord liveth; and blessed be my rock; and exalted be the God of the rock of my salvation.

·1 Samuel 2:2. There is none holy as the Lord: for there is none beside thee: neither is there any rock like our God.

·Psalms 89:26. He shall cry unto me, thou art my father, my God, and the rock of my salvation.

·Psalms 95:1. O come, let us sing unto the Lord: let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation.

·Matthew 7:25. And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell not: for it was founded upon a rock.

The Church builder…

·Matthew 16:18. And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

My Spiritual nourishment…

·I Cor. 10:4. And did all drink the same spiritual drink: for they drank of that spiritual Rock that followed them: and that Rock was Christ.

ROCK: (Heb. tsur), employed as a symbol of God in the Old Testament (1 Sam. 2:2; 2 Sam. 22:3; Isa. 17:10; Ps. 28:1; 31:2, 3; 89:26; 95:1); also in the New Testament (Matt. 16:18; Rom. 9:33; 1 Cor. 10:4). In Dan. 2:45 the Chaldaic form of the Hebrew word is translated “mountain.” It ought to be translated “rock,” as in Hab. 1:12 in the Revised Version. The “rock” from which the stone is cut there signifies the divine origin of Christ.

At ito, as you suggested:
-Philippians 3:7-10

7.But all these things that I once thought very worthwhile–now I’ve thrown them all away so that I can put my trust and hope in Christ alone.

8.Yes, everything else is worthless when compared with the priceless gain of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord. I have put aside all else, counting it worth less than nothing, in order that I can have Christ,

9.and become one with him, no longer counting on being saved by being good enough or by obeying God’s laws, but by trusting Christ to save me; for God’s way of making us right with himself depends on faith–counting on Christ alone.

10.Now I have given up everything else–I have found it to be the only way to really know Christ and to experience the mighty power that brought him back to life again, and to find out what it means to suffer and to die with him.

On 12/28/07, Doris Lois B Rifareal wrote:
Gising na kayo, Auntie? Nakatulog ba kayo ng maayos? I’m sure Kuya will be happy with your “choice”. As for the write-up, ewan ko pa kung papaano iyon. Parang nakakahiya naman. Perhaps we can use one design for the booklet, one for the liturgy, and one for the other liturgy? Dyan sa US, two services kayo, pero isa lang ho ba ang gagawin namin?

Absolutely Yes.

Tama ho ba yung date of birth and death? Yes.

I will be disseminating the flyers through e-mail but we will just print probably two copies each for the display unless we have additional requests. So malaki yung flyers for printing? How big you want it?
We will download them to a CD and have them printed in one of the copying centers here. Retain the size that you sent for all. If doable, do letter-size or a smaller size that would be easier to print from the computee for those who will get it from their emails. Pwede ba iyon?
Thank you very much for the life we shared with Tatay.
Your Pareng Fil was orphaned at the early age of 3 and found
in Tatay the father he never had. True servants of the Lord
they both loved and served, Tatay and Nanay peacefully left
this temporal abode to be with the living God for eternity.
They are reaping the joy that far exceeds any joy or happiness
this earth can offer. How blessed are they!! My heart is now
growing with envy! We, too, will see them later because
we also love the Lord they loved and served.
Peace and blessings to both of you!
Mareng Eunice
Misael Sanoy wrote:
Dear Mareng Eunice and Pareng Fil,
We are both saddened with your news about the passing away
of Tatay whom we all love and emulate; but we are consoled
by the glorious fact that he is now with his Maker, our Lord
and Savior Jesus Christ.
Attached is the Memoir that I actually finished but have not
reviewed, before he passed away. Our sincere and deep sympathy
to all of you bereaved family. Please update us with future information.
Shalom to you,


Pareng Sael and Mareng Belle

Glenn Bautista (63) – Dec 28, 2007


Tatay Bautista Joins His Maker

Anthony Griarte (61) – Dec 28, 2007 View |

The Rev. Ignacio Pinpin Bautista, Glenn’s and Mirriam’s father joined his maker yesterday December 26, 2007.There is much to celebrate about the life of this revered man and all the circumstances around the mortal journey that he took therefore will indelibly be remembered so clear and so crisp – for this servant honored His assigned calling without reservation and with so much love, first to his family, his congregations and his circle of friends.Let us all join hands in extending our deepest condolences to the Bautista families.



Badong Ramirez (68) – Dec 28, 2007 Viewers |
To the Bautista Family, please accept our sincerest condolences and heartfelt sympathies on the passing away of your dearly beloved father, the Rev. Ignacio P. Bautista. May the presence of the Holy Spirit grant you strength as you undego these diffcult times. And may the love of the Lord Jesus continue to inspire you of hs promise that those who believe in him will not perish but have everlasting life. God bless!

Ray Daniel (71) – Dec 28, 2007

Sa Pamilya Naulila Ni Rev. Ignacio P. Bautista,Nakikiramay ako pati na rin ang akin at aming pamilya-Ray Daniel

Vic Picar (65) – Dec 28, 2007

Glenn& Merrian! Pl.accept our Humble Sympahties for Lost your Dad. you have our Prayer!

Wendell Quila (67) – Dec 28, 2007

My ,hands are extended too for condolence for the Rev. Bautista leaving his family behind.

Leembo Dinglasan(69) – Dec 28, 2007

Our deepest condolence to the family of the late Rev Ignacio Bautista. Glenn, Miriam, Edwin and family, may the love and peace of God, our greatest comforter be with you all!

Rick Protacio (63) – Dec 28, 2007

Our deepest condolences to the Bautista Family specially to my batchmate Glenn. Anthony, is he still here in the U.S. Please post more info and I will let our batch know and maybe we can all come to any service they will have for Rev. Bautista. Thanks.

Anthony Griarte (61) – Dec 28, 2007

Rick,Rev. Bautista is still here. There will be a memorial service at the Hacienda Methodist Church tomorrow, Friday 28 December ’07. As soon as I get the full details I will post it at this site.

Rick Protacio (63) – Dec 28, 2007

Thanks Anthony. Please do, so I can give ample notice to our batch here. I am sure even those from San Diego will try to attend the service.

Norie Castro (72) – Dec 28, 2007

Our deepest sympathies to the Bautista family… our thoughts and prayers are with you at this time.

Sandy Mombay (61) – Dec 28, 2007

We know that he is in good hands now. However, I will include you and the rest of your loved ones in my prayers.

Missy Galvero-Pearson (73) – Dec 28, 2007

Our deepest condolences and prayers to Rev. Bautista’s family. May the love and comfort of God be with you all.

Read what others had to say:


Rick Protacio (63) – Dec 28, 2007

Joe, please extend my heartfelt condolences to Glenn and family. The news was posted earlier by Anthony Griarte and we’re just waiting for the details of his memorial service. Hopefully, Joan, Lynne, David and Mila will be able to attend the service for Rev. Bautista.

Vic Picar (65) – Dec 28, 2007

Joeper thank! pls extend our sympathies to Glenn and His family!

Jose Perez (63) – Dec 28, 2007

BTW, the Rev. Ignacio P. Bautista was the Pastor of the United Methodist Church for about (8) years and the District Superintendent of the UMC for some amount of years. I remember Pastor Bautista when he was yet with the Good Samaritan Church and I was always eager to meet with him and listen to his sermons. He built many churches in the Philippines by going to the different provinces evangelizing and help appoint members and pastors to take care of the churches he built. He was the father of Unionites – – Miriam (UHS’62), Glenn (UHS’63) Edwin (UES) Johnny (UHS’67). The rest of the family are there now in California where his remains will be on :Friday, January 4, 2008
First Filipino-American United Methodist Church
of San Gabriel Valley
1415 S. Ninth Avenue, Hacienda HeightsHacienda Heights, CA 91745
5:00 – 7:00 p.m. Public Viewing
7:00 – 8:00 p.m. Service of Remembrance8:00 – 9:00 p.m. Slideshow – Life and Ministry of
The Rev. Ignacio P. Bautista
Saturday, January 5, 2008…
.Glenn Bautista (63) – Dec 28, 2007

.Glenn Bautista (63) – Dec 28, 2007Dear Joper, Anthony, Ric, Vic, and our dear UHS Schoolmates,Sincere condolences coming from your hearts . . in behalf of the Bautista family,I THANK YOU ALL!Nanay and Tatay came to us for a purpose, and like Jesus, they both have to join our Maker in eternal peace and everlasting life, a gift from God, only His own children can avail of. They came to us – – lived, suffered and died, that others may live showing us the way to the Father.Take care and God bless.Remembering Tatay & Nanay: https://glenlorndav.wordpress.com/category/glenns-family/-Glenn & the Bautista family

Anthony Griarte (61) – Dec 28, 2007

You are most welcome Glenn. I saw Tatay just before the Christmas season rolled in. He looked physically strong although, of course, bedridden for sometime by then. One memorable close encounters with your dad was in a Covina courtroom where both of us served as jurors at the same time. During break periods we would chat no end about the Philippines and the Methodist church. Other times were mostly church activities related especially when he and family moved to West Covina from Rosewood, L.A. for his ministry.Take care yourself and likewise God bless.

Sandy Mombay (61) – Dec 28, 2007

Glenn,For mountains shall depart, and the hills be removed but our Lords kindness shall not depart from us, neither shall His covenant of peace be removed. Kaibigan, God stands ready to produce that Love within us especially at this hour of bereavement.

Rick Protacio (63) – Dec 28, 2007

Glenn,I have been trying to reach you through your home and cellphone no. listed on this site but it just kept on ringing. Are you coming over to attend your dad’s funeral/necrological service? Please let me know because I am trying to gather our batchmates to let them know that you are coming.

Sandy Mombay (61) – Dec 28, 2007

Thanks for sharing your Cyber Art pages I truly enjoyed it up to end. It brought back old memories too.

Rick Protacio (63) – Dec 28, 2007

Glenn, great tribute to your Dad and Mom. After viewing your cyber message I understand that you will not be coming but instead wait for your Dad’s remains over there in Pinas. I know how painful it is to loss a love one, more so, if it’s your own dad but I am sure you and the rest of your family are at peace knowing where he is bound to this time. God Bless you and your family bro.

Tas Estrella (64) – Dec 28, 2007

Amen to your comments Rick and Sandy.

Cito Cruz (61) – Dec 29, 2007

I vividly remember your Tatay when he was still the associate pastor of Central Church. We used to go to church there and really appreciated his messages. I pray that his legacy as a tireless servant of God will remain in your family’s hearts and ours forever. My prayers and condolence are with you and your family.

Adelbert Corpus (63) – Dec 31, 2007

Glenn, please accept my and my family’s hearfelt condolences!

Tas Estrella (64) – Dec 28, 2007

Glenn,Our heartfelt condolence.Lester (60), Luna (63), Tas (64) Estrella

Tony Damian (64) – Dec 29, 2007

Glenn, sincerest condolences. I grew up in Sta. Ana and he was our pastor at the Wesley Methodist Church. He was soft spoken and very heartwarming pastor. We loved him.from: Ofelia Nazario Damian

Jose Candelaria (61) – Dec 29, 2007

Thanks, Joeper, for posting this for the Bautista family.Glenn, the Candelaria family mourns with you for the passing of your dad, but we are rejoicing with you also because he is not homesick anymore. He is home with his Heavenly Father.My mom, Rhoda Candelaria remembers your dad when she taught Music at Harris Memorial (at Central UMC). Rev. Ignacio P. Bautista was also one of the pastors that worked with my dad, the late Rev. Ruben V. Candelaria, in the Manila District of the UMC.Rev. Proceso S. Marcelo Sr. (FEBC’s “Hardin ng Panalangin”) also sends his condolences to the Bautista family.

Toots Villanueva-Limcaco (UESM63) – Dec 29, 2007

To the Bautista family, may God’s love, peace and comfort enfold you and your family
at this time of sorrow, but our hearts are full of gladness of his homecoming….he is now with the Lord. “For me to live is Christ, and to die is gain” Phil. 1:21

Danny Hernaez wrote:


Dear Ate Eunice,

I am grateful for our time of prayer this morning. I am thankful for your love to Emy, my children and to myself. Purihin ang Panginoon!

I learned about Tatay’s death through your email message yesterday. While we were coming home from a Christmas family thanksgiving and fellowship in Dallas, I did not get the news till late 6pm. I immediately called Pareng Edwin and expressed our heartfelt condolences.

Our hearts go with the entire Bautista family.

I wanted to go to Los Angeles this week but the flight rates were extremely expensive. I hope I can pay a visit to Tatay and Nanay when I am in Manila this coming February – a great privilege to be able to pray with Glenn, Johnny and their families.

I have already requested copies of pictures of the old Good Samaritan UMC from my ‘connections’ there. I will give them to you as soon as I have them.

The other one that you requested …..

I have had brief yet many and meaningful moments with Tatay – split second and in an instant! Ingrained and unforgettable.

From the old Paltok days in San Francisco del Monte to his former apartment in the LA area to La Puente, he continued to share his ministry and love to me.

He shared his simple and sincere ministry – faithful and true. He shared the carefully bundled church Sunday bulletins, neatly arranged. He shared his good sense of humor regarding my wife Emy’s famous ‘three crosses’. He shared his love by saying those three words – ‘I love you’. He shared his enduring love to Nanay and humming their favorite hymn – How Great Thou Art. He shared his love to serve the Lord. He shared his commitment.

In all our visits to La Puente, each early morning and on the day of goodbye, I would be by his side or place the palm of my hand on his shoulders or at his door and say a prayer and those words – ‘I love you’. First thing I would always do was to pray with him.

Emy and I prayed for him again yesterday on our drive back home to Houston, Texas. Tatay has left a mark so indelible, lasting and deep-rooted. In me, in many of us.

Maraming salamat po, Tatay.

I love you, too!

Will see you later ……….. <(((><


Where have you set your heart? What thoughts occupy your thinking and where do you allow your mind to dwell? How are you spending your energy, your time, and your financial resources? The Bible reminds us in Matthew 6:21 “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Let’s set our hearts on seeking God. <><





Cloistered in a CI with none of our laptops able to connect online, it just

amazes me that so many things that affect us directly, as a community that is,

occur just within a few days. As soon as I opened my email account (the morning

after CI, today) my NAFAUM email told me of the passing away of Pastors I.P.

Bautista, Joy Cera and Pastor Afrie’s sister. Condolences to all their

families, though some of us would rather celebrate the lives they lived on this

earth. Of the three I had met only Pastors I.P. and Joy and it was actually my

parents who really worked with them in one way/time or another.

I have the most connections with Pastor I.P. because of my friendships with two

of his sons, Glenn and Edwin, as well as grandchildren, Bessie and Doris

Rifareal, and Dondon, Dandan and Dindin (Kuya Edwin’s kids, all grown ups now).

I feel I must say something about them.


Kuya Glenn is of course well known to us as a superb visual artist who has

earned international recognition. He is a master of many media, though

unfortunately, I saw only a few of his paintings and another memorable work, his

rendering of Rizal’s monument in ink, which he did so by transcribing in a

continuous flow some of Rizal’s poems across the paper, with some letters

darkened in appropriate parts to form the image of Rizal’s monument as seen at

the Luneta. Masterfully done. I saw that (when I was still in high school) as

part of the Rizal display in a well-known historical landmark in Manila during

the time of a bygone administration. But the next time I went to see it again

it was gone. Many years later, when I got to be introduced to him personally,

Kuya Glenn revealed to me, along with a few other then young people at Fairview

UMC in Quezon City, that he took it back, telling the authorities

he wanted to do some retouching. He said something else but it seems lost from my memory.


Kuya Edwin is one of the finest choir conductors the UMC has ever had. He also

excels in reconditioning cars, by which he made his living while in Fairview.

He has the distinction of turning a bunch of youth, including some of the most

unruly, and most of whom have only the barest of musical talents, into a

topnotch choir, like the Fairview UMC choir of which I was a part. As to

whether I was one of those who were unruly or with a modicum of musical talent,

I leave it to those who know me to decide.


As to Pastor IP’s grandchildren that I know, it was Bessie and Doris that I had

a chance to work with since Kuya Edwin’s kids were still very young at the time

and at the time I merely watched them play tricks on each other. At any rate,

Bessie and Doris were active in youth activities both inside the church and

ecumenically that challenge Christians to work for much needed changes in both

church and society. I’ve not been in touch with them for some time, more so

since I left the Philippines.


The good things I’ve heard about Pastor IP, as a pastor, husband, and father,

are confirmed through his children and grandchildren that I know. Praise God

his tribe increased.


Haniel Garibay

Virginia Beach


Dear friends,


I have learned about the passing away of Rev. Ignacio Bautista through Pong’s NAFAUM news updates. As a college student at PCU from 1962-1966, I remember him as a faithful servant of God at Central United Methodist Church. I was a classmate of her charming daughter, Miriam, who I’ve learned from several friends had faithfully took care of him till the day of his departure.

Miriam, kumusta ka? Do get in touch. I hope you still remember me. Am now an ordained pastor of the UCCP, and I’m serving as President of Southern Christian College here at Midsayap, North Cotabato. Please accept my sincerest condoloence.

Yea, when this flesh and heart shall fail,
And mortal life shall cease,
I shall possess, within the veil,
A life of joy and peace.

grace and peace,
Rev. Dr. Melanio LaGuardia Aoanan, Cotabato

+ + + + +


As 2007 comes to an end, I would like to thank Pong for linking the people called Methodists in one strand that connects them together in love and unity. Communication has kept memories alive and friendships fresh. Most of us have not seen each other for a long, long time but Pong connected us in cyberspace. Pong this is a great ministry. Thank you for the awesome work you are doing to keep the spirit of Methodism truly alive in our hearts. Let’s celebrate 2008 as it comes around.

All the best for you and your family.

Winlove & Aurora S. Cudal
288 F Street, Apt. 1601, Chula Vista, CA 91910
(Tel.) 619 – 426-1713.



Hi Danny,

Thank you for forwarding your short but meaningful message about Tatay and that of Haniel Garibay. Happy to note of Pong’s exixtence. He was a good friend too.

You may find these messages:


Take care and God bless,





+ + + + +


New Year Thoughts:

1. An investment in knowledge
always pays the best interest.

2. The way to get started
is to quit talking and begin doing.

3. For success,
attitude is equally as important as ability.

4. A cloudy day
is no match for a sunny disposition.

5. Success is a ladder you cannot climb
with your hands in your pockets.

6. Anything unattempted
remains impossible.

7. Being willing
makes you able.

8. A champion is a dreamer
that refuses to give up!

9. To get what you want,
stop doing what is not working.

10. Excellence is doing ordinary things
extraordinarily well.

11. The best way to predict the future
is to invent it.

12. Tough times never last,
but tough people do.

Alex Vergara, Original Duplicates, Hawaii

* * * * * * * * * * *


I replaced Jon Melegrito as Church Secretary at Central UMC in the
mid-60s. Charles Moosebrook was missionary and English preacher, I.
P. Bautista was administrative Pastor and parsonage resident Minister
at T. M. Kalaw. I. P. at the time struck me as straight laced and
quite particular of following the straight and narrow, which only
goaded us to be contrarian. My partner in crime then was Zeny
Rifareal who was to be my guardian had I gotten into UTS, and the
strategy was to locate IP’s soft underbelly for we knew, he had the
warmth in him when reached through the appropriate door. Though
briefly, IP would become a surrogate father!

Jon has the CUMC memories; I was a transition go-fer before forsaking
Law School and diving into the world of the Divines.

Five years later, returning from a theological education that bridged
Asbury Seminary and Perkins School of Theology, and requesting the
late Bishop Granadosin to have me posted in such places as Palanan,
Isabela, I ended back up at Central UMC. My career path being self-
directed, I had to begin at the entry level in the Conference, the
PAC specifically where Joy Cera was one of the noted upstarts. In
temperament, in recklessness and seriousness, we would become comrade-
in-arms in the battle for institutional efficacy and the recruitment
for people of the spirit.

Maybe it is the somber tone of the season, what with the shocking
reminder of the fragility of human existence, even for the high and
the mighty such as Benazir, and our ready acceptance of Gore Nobel
laureate without heeding much the reason why the award was given him
in the first place. But I find no reason to grieve the completed
lives of IP and Joy. They were each in their our magnificent ways
exemplary children of Gaia’s creation, unique and unrepeatable; there
was never anyone like them before and there will never be another one
like them ever again. We can only be grateful, and be exuberant in
our rejoicing for having both of them cross our paths. They also
stand as witnesses to the fact that we, too, are the unique and
unrepeatable ones that we are. We have been graciously given the
freedom to turn our ordinariness into random acts of the miraculous.

Should we grieve, it should not be over the fear that life comes to a
terminus, but over the fact that life is given as a gift and a
treasure and we fritter away sans any significant beginning.

The completion of the human journey strikes each of us with fear and
trepidation because we are reminded of the finitude of our own
individual journeys. Our longing for certitude, security and
eternal acceptance is addressed by the frailty and emptiness that
abide in the completion of our one moment in time. So we
appropriate the mythical imagery of previous times. Perhaps, that
is what conditions our cultural and religious responses.

I lift up the lives of IP and Joy, and Afrie’s sister Norma who I did
not have the pleasure of meeting. These are lives that “have been
seen fitting before the Lord,” (if I may borrow an earlier imagery in
which Midwest Methodism seem stuck with, along with Filipino Epworth
leaguers) lived with much gusto and undeniable vigor. I would be
excused, I trust, if I do not fall into the “condoling” line, but
shift the tempo to the celebrating milieu of songs and cymbals,
incense and cries of great joy, jubilation and the deafening sounds
of silence. They lived – IP, Joy and Norma; their lives touched
many of us. We are grateful! As the Jews are won’t to exclaim,
L’achaim! May their tribe multiply in us.

Jaime Vergara

View full size

Picture: At the July NAFAUM convocation in Virginia Beach, the
Teopaco couple of Cal-Pacific, Jimmy Vergara and Tony Palaganas
exchanging pleasantry, and Levi Bautista

Pong Javier
NAFAUM Dir. of Communication and Information



Daniel Adoremos to me
show details 9:09 AM (47 minutes ago)
Hi Glenn!
Please accept my condolences on the departure of your beloved father. While it is natural to be sad when your loved one passed away, it is good to think that he is now with our Creator for everlasting peace!
Again, my condolences



ebrifareal(at)gmail.com to arni, auntie, Felizardo, kuya, kuya, me, uncle, uncle, deke, doris, mommy, junjay.bautista, doriene_hilario
12/30/07 (7 days ago)

Dear people, FYI…

Flight details of Auntie Eunice / Uncle Fil

January 11,
Friday, 5:10 AM
Arriving at Centennial 2

(They leave LAX on Wed 9-Jan, 7:35 PM)

February 6, Wednesday, 10:00 PM
PR 0102 (MNL-LAX)
Departing from Centennial 2

Uncle Johnny/Glenn (?), paki-update na lang po kami tungkol sa mga plano sa pag-sundo.

salamat po.



From: agapeobien(at)aol.com
To: flaurean(at)sbcglobal.net
Date: Mon, 07 Jan 2008 14:23:17 -0500
Subject: Re: THANK YOU!

Dear Eunice and Fil:
It was our pleasure and honor.Let’s plan to get together when you return and things get settled down a bit. We pray for your strength and health as you all shoulder much of the responsibilities of this time in the life of your families.Have a wonderful trip….of ministry to those who loved Tatay.
Frank & Rosie
Dr. Frank Obien
Rose Marie Obien

From: Felizardo D Laureano
Sent: Sun, 6 Jan 2008 8:13 pm
Subject: THANK YOU!

Dear co-workers in Christ,
Before we depart for the Philippines and on behalf of our family, both here and in the Philippines, I would like to extend a collective “Thank you” to all of you for participating in the celebration of the life of our dear Tatay. We admire your graciousness and humility in accepting to do even just a bit part of the services – a genuine demonstration of your sincerity and dedication to the work of the Lord. You have truly blest our family with your presence and your kind words about our father and the assurance we felt in belonging to a company of believers in Christ Jesus.
Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. May God bless your individual ministries!
Peace and blessings to you and your families,
Felizardo D Laureano to me
show details 3:38 AM (2 hours ago)
From: SantiagoLG(at)aol.com
To: flaurean(at)sbcglobal.net
Date: Mon, 7 Jan 2008 12:58:02 EST
Subject: Re: THANK YOU!
It is an honor participating in the celebration of life for Rev. Ignacio Bautista. His life is a testimony to all of us that everything is possible for those who love the Lord. May God keep you safe in your travel to the Philippines. May God bind your family with love as you reunite with love ones in the Philippines. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
grace and peace,
Rev. Lisa Gay Santiago
First Filipino American United Methodist Church of San Gabriel Valley
1415 South Ninth Avenue, Hacienda Heights, CA 91745
Tel. & Fax No.: (626) 336-6566

Felizardo D Laureano to me
show details 3:39 AM (2 hours ago)
Note: forwarded message attached.———- Forwarded message ———-
To: “Felizardo D Laureano”
Date: Mon, 7 Jan 2008 07:49:55 -0800
Subject: Re: THANK YOU!
I was glad to be of help. May you travel with Godspeed and return home
Felizardo D Laureano to me
show details 3:41 AM (2 hours ago)

From: “Levi Oracion”
To: “Felizardo D Laureano”
Date: Mon, 7 Jan 2008 07:40:44 -0800
Subject: Re: THANK YOU!
Dear Fil and Eunice,

May the Lord bless you and care for you on your journey to the
Philippines, and bring you all safely there. It looks like we would
not be able to be around at the time of our dear “IP”‘s funeral
service—sa January 20 pa kami aalis. But for people who love the
Lord—the love of the Lord conquers time and distance for them—so
we will be there with you in Spirit.

As soon as we arrive in Manila, I will proceed to Dumaguete, while
Liling may proceed either to Taytay or to Rockwell (a luxurious condo
where Carol, Tina’s sister in law resides). She stay around there till
after January 26—the day when Amor’s ashes will be interred. That
will be in Taytay.

IP’s love has bound us together in special way, and we will always
feel intimately close to the people he loved and served so faithfully
and so well.



On 1/7/08, Felizardo D Laureano wrote:
> Dear Pastor,
> Maraming salamat din po. Special family occasions or events like
> this would only be complete with your presence. We have been so blest to
> have you as part of our faith journey.
> We leave for the Philippines tomorrow at 7:35 p.m., arriving there
> January 11 at 5:10 a.m. The final funeral service will be at Central Church
> on January 12 at 8:00 a.m.
> Wake nights are January 10 – 11 also at Central Church.
> We would be happy to see you there Ate Liling. Let’s try to get
> together during our visit there. Let us know the details of Amor’s
> internment and see if we can be available to be with you.
> Maraming, maraming salamat po uli.
> Eunice



Returning to Our Maker the Body of

Ignacio Pinpin Bautista

2 February 1912 – 26 December 2007

“Now I have given up everything else –
I have found it to be the only way to really know Christ
and to experience the mighty power that brought him back to life again,
and to find out what it means to suffer and to die with him.”


A Service of Committal


Marikina City

Friday, 12 January 2008

Rev. Mag-usig B. Manalo, Jr. and Rev. Victor O. Melad, Jr.

Officiating Ministers

Words of assurance

In themidst of life, we are in death;

From whom can we seek help?

Our help is in the name of the Lord

who made heaven and earth.

God who raised Christ from the dead

will givelife to your mortal bodies also

through the Spirit that dwells in you.

Therefore my heart is glad, and my soul rejoices;

My body also dwells secure,

You, Lord, show me the path of life;

In your presence there is fullness of joy,

In your right hand are pleasures forevermore.

Prayer hymn of Tatay

“When I Survey The Wondrous Cross”

When I survey the wondrous cross,

On which the Prince of Glory died,,

My richest gain I count but loss,

and pour contempt on all my pride.

Forbid it, Lord, that I should boast

Save in the death of Christ, my god;

All the vain things that charm me most,

I sacrifice them to his blood.

See, from his head, his hands, his feet,

Sorrow and love flow mingled down,;

Did e’er such love and sorrow meet,

Or thorns compose so rich a crown.

Were the whole realm of nature mine,

that were an offering far too small;

Love so amazing, so divine,

Demands my soul, my life, my all.Amen.

Prayer of comfort

O God, giver of life, and conqueror of death,

our help in every time of trouble,

we trust that you do not willingly
grieve or afflict us.

Comfort us who mourn;

and give us grace, in the presence of death,
to worship you,

that we may have sure hope of eternal life

and be enabled to put our whole trust
in your goodness and mercy;

through Jesus Christ our Lord.Amen.

Reading from John 12:24-26

Jesus said:

“Very truly, I tell you,

Unless a grain of wheat falls
into the earth and dies,

It remains just a single grain;

But if it dies, it bears much fruit.

Those who love their life lose it,

And those who hate their life in this world

Will keep it for eternal life.

Whoever serves me must follow me,

And where I am,
there will my servant be also.

Whoever serves me, the Father will honor.”

MessageRev. Victor O. Melad, Jr.

Pastor, Central UMC

Rendition on violin“It is Well With My Soul”Sarah A. Rifareal

and Angelica de VeraUnion Church of Manila

As the song is played, whiteroses will be passed on to each member of the gathered community as a symbol of committing the perishable body of Tatay into the loving arms of his heavenly Father.

Making sense of dying

Pastor:Eternal God, you have shared with us the life of Tatay. Before he was ours, he is yours. For all that he has given us to make us what we are, for that of him which lives and grows in each of us, and for his life that in your love will never end, we give you thanks.

People:As now we offer Tatay back into your arms, comfort us in our loneliness, strengthen us in our weakness, and give us courage to face the future unafraid.

All:Draw those of us who remain in this life closer to one another, make us faithful to serve one another, and give us to know that peace and joy which is eternal life; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Leave-takingViolin accompaniment by Sarah and Angelica

Members of the family gather around the coffin for the last farewell; afterwhich the casket will be closed and brought to the graveside.

The Commendation

Standing at the head of the coffin and facing it, casting earth upon it as it is lowered into the grave, the pastor says:

Almighty God, into your hands we commend your son,

Ignacio P. Bautista, in sure and certain hope of resurrection

to eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

This body we commit to the ground;

Earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

… whereupon the people cast white roses onto the coffin as it is lowered into the grave.

Prayer of thanksgiving

God of love, we thank you

for all with which you have blessed us

even to this day:

for the gift of joy in days of health and strength

and for the gifts of your abiding presence and promise

in days of pain and grief.

We praise you for home and friends,

and for our baptism and place in your Church

with all who have faithfully lived and died.

Above all else we thank you for Jesus,

who knew our griefs,

who died our death and rose for our sake,

and who lives and prays for us.

And as he taught us, so now we pray.

The Lord’s Prayer

Closing hymn

“Blest Be the Tie That Binds”

Blest be the tie that binds, Our hearts in Christian love:

The fellowship of kindred minds, Is like to that above.

Before our Father’s throne, We pour our ardent prayers;

Our fears, our hopes, our aims are one, Our comforts and our cares.

We share each other’s woes, Our mutual burdens bear,

And often for each other flows the sympathizing tear.

When we are called to part, It gives us inward pain;

But we shall still be joined in heart, And hope to meet again. Amen.

The Blessing

Now to the One who is able to keep you from falling,

and to make you stand without blemish

in the presence of God’s glory

with rejoicing, to the only God our Saviour,

Through Jesus Christ our Lord,

be glory, majesty, power, and authority

before all time and now and forever.Amen.

Community response“Threefold Amen”


ebrifareal to kuya, uncle, me, mommy
show details 7:08 AM (18 minutes ago)

Kuya Jun, and Uncle Johnny,

You may want to review attached program (above this letter–>) in advance, also for Pastor Melad’s preparation. Tama ba yung flow ng service? Let us know asap kung may mali kasi ipi-print na ni Doris.

Naalala ni Mommy nung libing ni Uncle Gely, yung Loyola ang nag-handle ng service. Pwede namang tayo lang di ba? Maybe we need to clarify this with Loyola? That we’re doing the funeral service by ourselves and that it is NOT included in the fee they’re charging for burial expenses.

See my email on Jan 3. Tumaas ang rates nila, acc. to Uncle Johnny. We’re getting the package worth P22,548 which includes labour for hukay, 4 tents/canopies and 40 chairs.

And do we supply the flowers? White roses… about 4 dozens?

We agreed that Lorna will see to it we’ll have flowers from the family upon arrival of Lolo’s remains. We also need to make sure we have flowers and candles for all the services (Jan 10-12) plus the white roses for the Committal service. Pero marami na ring trabaho si Lorna. May time ba si Tess (M.) na mag take charge dito?

Sige, this for now. Tawagan na lang tayo sa telepono.


Kuya Jun, in case wala ka nito:



Felizardo D Laureano to me
show details 3:22 AM (4 hours ago)
Dear Pastor Cris,
This is just to let you know we are getting ready to go to the Philippines. My father’s remains have been flown yesterday and we are getting ready to follow.
The interment will be on January 12. Hopefully we will have a chance to visit Navotas. We will be back February 6, 2008.
We’ll hear from you when we come back.
Peace and blessings to your family this 2008!

Date: Jan 9, 2008 11:15 AM
Subject: Re: Going Home to the Philippines
To: felizardod

Dear Fil and Eunice,
I am sorry to have missed what transpired in your household this last several weeks. My condolences to you and Fil and your mother, brothers and sisters for the passing away of your father. One consolation that we can gather out of this is the fact that your father is now in a more safer and happier place than what he left behind called earth. Most important of all, he is now with the Lord. Isn’t that what all of us wanted as our final destination? But I know we cannot help not to grieved losing our love ones even temporarily and even we know where they go. I lost my father and mother a long time ago. I did not even had a chance to see my mother when she passed away. It really hurts but I see it as a temporary separation and I know that someday, we will reunite in the kingdom of heaven. I believed as the Bible says, we will see our love ones and we will recognize them when we join them in a place called heaven with our Lord and Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ — our permanent residential home.
On behalf of my family, my sincere and deepest sympathy to the family. May God continuous to surround you with His everlasting love and grace. May He comfort you and your family during this time of hardships in losing your beloved father. God blesses you and allow me to quote Numbers 6:24-26 that says,
The good Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn His face toward you and give you PEACE.” Amen.
My love and deep sympathy,
Brother Cris
Dear Sam,
In behalf of the Bautista family, thank you Sam, Sandy and Adrienne.Sam, can you send us a picture of the three of you, group or individual? We would like to incluce your photo at Tatay’s Cyberjournal:

God bless,

-Glenn & Bautista family

On Jan 8, 2008 1:27 AM, Santamaria, Samuel wrote:



Our prayers and thoughts are for your family; didn’t know your dad’s “milestone” happened recently.

Sam, Sandy & Adrienne


show details 10:46 PM (3 minutes ago)
Hi Sunshine,
Thank you Sunshine for your kind thoughts and words. I have fond memories myself of your Mom and Dad at Central Church when I was much younger. I remember your Dad as a good writer who interacted a lot with my father . . and your Mom an excellent church organist and pilot, possessing a very strong personality and yet could be very kind and gentle.
I wonder how Joy is?And, just to keep you updated with a few events here regarding Tatay:https://glenlorndav.wordpress.com/category/remembering-tatay-nanay-4/ (also, there’s Remembering 1,2,3 at the menu on the right.)http://bautclan.multiply.com/photosTake care, Sunshine. Kind regards to the family.


On Jan 19, 2008 10:01 PM, Werner Ringert wrote:
Dear Glenn and Family,
So sorry to hear about your Dad. He was such a nice person and I do remember him way back in the good old days at Central Methodist church. May He rest in God’s loving embrace.
And to the Bautista Family, may God grant you the strength to face the sorrow that you bear and May your Faith sustain you and give you comfort.
Glenn, God’s Love will surely see you through this most difficult time.
From us here in Australia, With our deepest Condolence,
Sunny/Werner and Dizon family.


Hi Ate Necy,

Ate Miriam says there’s no secretary there at the moment at nakakahiya naman utusan daw si Pastor Garber, so I didn’t write him.

Will make the corrections soon.


On Jan 21, 2008 3:57 PM, Felizardo D Laureano wrote:

Dear Glenn,
Thanks for the new updates on the cyber journal. Thanks for the time and energy you are giving to this effort on behalf of Tatay and Nanay. I just noticed something that needs to be corrected for accuracy. I did not notice it right away the first time. The instant choir was performed at the necrological service held at Funeraria del Angel (Pierce Brothers) not at Hacienda. It would also be appropriate if you can also note that it was D.S. Nathanael Adiel de Pano who organized it. Dr. Frank Obien was the accompanist.
Also, if it is still doable, to note on the January 5, 2008 necrological message at Funeraria del Angel that the speaker was D.S. N. Adiel de Pano. A picture of him beside or with the message will help identify him. Regarding wrting a message about Tatay and Nanay – I would that I do it when we are already in U.S.. Okay ba? Any questions, please give me a call. Nakikisuyo lang ako dito sa laptap ni Pare. Have you had a chance to email our Pastor at Covina? Please cc me.

Dear Family,

Here’s a link to a page where I uploaded two recovered videos of Tatay and Nanay singing in Imus, Cavite. Just scroll down the page until you find the videos:


Added at youtube: October 15, 2006 /

2nd Video:

Nanay in this old hi-8 video greets d family in d US and sings to the family in Pinas. She just came in from d hospital but still tries to greet and cheer up everybody around her. It’s been more than seven years now and Nanay has sadly crossed over but joyfully joined our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. We still miss her terribly. -glenn

1st Video:

Lifted from old hi-8 videotapes almost impossible to recover & record. Videography then, by our youngest bro, Johnny . . first time he held this Sony videocam which I instantaneously passed on to him to video that meaningful event with our folks in the Philippines who were about to fly back to the US. -glenn

PS: May I request each of the Bautista family member to write a few (concise) messages for Tatay and Nanay to be included at the Bautista roster below Tatay’s cyberjournal 1. -glenn

"Rizal" / pen & ink" – 1966



The Complete Poems of Jose Rizal – by Glenn A. Bautista – Link to: Complete Poems of Dr. Jose Rizal Monument / pen & ink drawing /92 x 193 cm / 1966 –




The UP Oblation / pen & ink drawing – 92 x 193 cm / 1965

The UP Oblation, a pen and ink drawing preceded the Complete Poems of Dr. Jose Rizal Monument. Instead of letters or text, I made use of horizontal lines similar to the one we see on television. I made my own pens of different sizes, by cutting the pen’s tip to determine its’ width.

The Rizal Monument pen and ink drawing is composed of the National Hero’s thirty-nine (39) poems and one song,”A Orillas del Pasig“, translation into English by my late friend, Alfredo Veloso. This pre-photoshop pen & ink drawing was critically acclaimed by critics/writers like Alfredo RocesJoe Guevarra and Teodoro Valencia.

The Rizal Pen & Ink Drawing was on exhibit, for about 6 years, at the Jose Rizal Shrine at Fort Santiago upon the request of Ms. Imelda Romualdez Marcos. I had to get it back for restoration. I worked on this pen & ink drawing daily for about two years and was briefly interrupted to rest my eyes upon my father’s request.

He then encouraged me to tour the Philippines for a brief respite, which I did, but just the same I came back with a lot of drawings I did of my travels, especially drawings and pastels I did of Sagada, a place about 7-8 hours from Baguio.



“Digital-Analog Collage/Drawings” by Glenn A. Bautista


“Avoid immorality. Any other sin a man commits does not affect his body; but the man who is guilty of sexual immorality sins against his own body. Don’t you know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, who lives in you and who was given to you by God? You do not belong to yourselves but to God; he bought you for a price. So use your bodies for God’s glory.”
(1 Corinthians 6: 18-20)
Someone else will say, “Food is for the stomach, and the stomach is for food”. Yes; but God will put an end to both. The body is not to be used for sexual immorality, but to serve the Lord; and the Lord provides for the body. God raised the Lord from death, and he will also raise us by his power. (1 Corinthians 6: 13-14)

A series of Digital-Analog Collage/Drawings”  

I did on nudes, still in my collection,

never been exhibited in any gallery



1 Corinthians 6: 15-17
You know that your bodies are parts of the body of Christ. Shall I take a part of Christ’s body and make it part of the body of a prostitute? Impossible! Or perhaps you don’t know that the man who joins his body to a prostitute becomes physically one with her? The scripture says quite plainly, “The two will become one body.” But he who joins himself to the Lord becomes spiritually one with him.




Nude sketches 78-79
Glenn’s Other Nude Sketches 1978-79


Some Casual Thoughts behind “The Ideal Filipino Community”


by Glenn A. Bautista

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” — Albert Einstein

JUST ADD WATER, by Bobby Wong / www.postcardsfrommanila.com
JUST ADD WATER, by Bobby Wong / Postcards from Manila

If what I had envisioned for our country—my vision of the ideal Filipino community—had been realized, we wouldn’t be where we are now. We would be reaping all the benefits that life has to offer for every Filipino soul. This may be wishful thinking, but I believe this vision makes a lot of sense, if taken seriously… if people will listen.

Too often we attach if (or kung in Tagalog) whenever we express what for us is ideal, or our idea of progress, or our desire to reach an ideal goal. But we must take out the if and work hard and make our dream, this dream of an ideal Filipino community, a reality.

I’m convinced that this is what the good Lord wants all of us to enjoy before He comes back to show us the other world that He promised. Or is it the other world that we have yet to achieve and work hard for? Or will it be handed down to us, just like that, on a silver platter?

It all started, this idea of “the ideal community”, when I was yet a fresh graduate of the University of the Philippines. I had the chance then to visit places in northern Philippines that made me realize the importance of agriculture, fishing, etc., and their role in shaping our communities.


Together with my friend, Ed Nathan Drilon, a trader and a baritone to boot, we trekked the northern trails of mountainous Cagayan Valley and a few other places until we almost reached the tip of Tumawini. This proved to be a rewarding experience for me, although, a usual one for Ed. With towels around our heads to protect us from road-dust, we cruised in an open “Volkwagen Sakbayan” from smooth to rocky roads to river banks to get to our destinations in time for the harvest of the varied crops… corn, string beans and vegetables familiar to most Filipinos. Impressed with the richness of our soil and the abundance of food source produced by our diligent farmers and fishermen, I couldn’t help but dream of doing a drawing board plan that will allow city folks to experience the same, by incorporating the agricultural aspect of rural life into the urban lifestyle. Combinations of agricultural, fish and shrimp ponds and other ventures normally done only in the provinces are enough to bring freshness and excitement into city life, within a grid-plan, I then imagined.

The initial result is a tentative plan that may be applied to minimize the present imbalance we are all experiencing now in the city centers and nearby towns. This plan is imperative for it establishes, once and for all, a balanced approach to catering to the communities’ immediate educational, commercial, agricultural, religious and cultural needs.

Perhaps this is unconsciously what guided Lorna, David and myself to somehow pursue an urban-rural type of lifestyle in Imus, Cavite. Living in the town of Imus is like having a fresh start in life. It has not been easy. But looking back after twelve years, I’m convinced the amount of time, work and patience we’ve invested in this place was worth the try. New acquaintances with farmers and other professionals and craftsmen allowed us to experience the cross-section of the Filipino society. People from all walks of life would knock on our door to offer taho (soy bean flan), or fish balls on a stick, orpan de sal (bread for breakfast) often to the accompaniment of a noisy home-made trumpet, or plastic wares and Tupperware, or cult or religion. Vendors call out our attention on a daily basis, offering goods and services of all shapes and sizes. It seems there is no limit to what they would carry on their backs just to earn a living… even furniture as heavy and bulky as beds and four season mirrors, or wash basins, brooms and house wares, or paraphernalia for services that they can perform right at your doorstep like umbrella repair, tools sharpening, shoe-shine, and many others. Folks here are hardworking, but they also seem to have all the time in the world. Just talk to a farmer who is on his way to his farm and he will stop and spend the rest of his day with you, especially if you offer him something intoxicating. I offer coffee instead, and some of Lorna’s baking experimentation for the day. Twelve years have passed, but I hardly noticed it. My son David is also about to reach the same age for he was just a baby when we got here. He gets to enjoy two worlds for we also find time on weekends to visit our other place in BF Homes where people behave differently.

I just finished taking digital photos of sketches drawn by my architect-friend, Edgar Saban, bringing into plan my basic concept of an ideal community. Of course, this is tentative, for my purpose is merely to elicit response from those who may want to pitch in ideas so that we can come up with a better concept-plan that would help bring positive changes in the community. My special thanks to a few friends for at least believing that my concept may perhaps work if given the chance and given attention by people who think less for themselves and more for others, and who are in a position to help make it happen.


This plan should carry the word ideal for the simple reason that we all must really start from the ideal. In other words, we shouldn’t make compromises in achieving the ideal goal. At the same time, it also carries the word Filipino, as this plan was conceived with the plight of struggling Filipinos in mind. But the basic concept may also be adapted to other cultural contexts in need of the same approach.

My short experience, after trying to make this concept-plan get started, tells me that this is really not an easy thing to do. This effort requires the cooperation of real-estate developers, the government, the private sectors and most especially, the landowners.

Development has its price. But communities planned idealistically can lead to better yield. People still need to see and feel some amount of freshness in life. Clean air and green surroundings. We can still do this with the large tracts of yet uncultivated land (which I had seen from a Hewey chopper). The Grid Plan can help decongest our city centers. We can live harmoniously with the rest of the Filipino people and the world. The government’s problems with the rebels will eventually cease once the rebels’ families’ needs are met. They are only fighting for the future of their children, against corruption, and to change government policies that are working against the people’s welfare. Joy and peace will never be felt in our native land until we have given direction and purpose for the smallest Filipino. I may become a successful businessman and have everything I want in this world, but if I see my neighbors miserable and hungry, would I be happy?

This concept takes into consideration the poor, the middle-class and the rich. All sectors of society will eventually benefit from the plan. If implemented successfully, there will no longer be a “poor” sector in the community.

I have prepared a “fifty to a hundred hectare grid plan”, a good size for a pilot project, showing the locations where condensed areas of virgin forest or marshlands, educational, agricultural, residential and commercial areas should be. Agricultural areas need not be a well-irrigated location, thanks to recent breakthroughs in agricultural approaches such as “hydroponics”, introduced and presently practiced in Israel and some parts of Europe. Well irrigated areas may not have any need of this, but the use of modern technologies improve quality and harvest. Traditional irrigation methods and alternative technologies may both be applied to maximize benefits. The Grid Plan, as I call it, assumes that no land will lie idle, that every spot of land in the Philippines will eventually be developed for its inhabitants, like what happened to countries like Germany and many other European and Western countries.

Realizing their mistakes, these countries had difficulty reinventing their system for they seem to have started a machine that they themselves cannot stop. In this post-cold war era, unlike these technological countries, the Philippines still has the option to shift gears and do things ideally from the start, instead of following their footsteps. The Grid Plan allows rural and urban planners to strike a balance despite future progress in business, infrastructure and real-estate development, for each module is a balanced plan that is part of the more complete and bigger plan. The Grid Plan will work because it is aimed at the fulfillment of every individual and his chosen vocation as much as it is there to enhance the goals of business. If this meaningful level is achieved in a small scale, and is eventually magnified to a global scale, humans can now dream further and start thinking about inhabiting the next possible planet instead of destroying our own.

The Grid Plan is a self-sustaining and self-sufficient system where the individual need not step on one stone after another to move forward. Instead, the system provides the individual everything he needs to directly hone his chosen craft and to fulfill his vocation. The Grid Plan is a total concept that is not really alien to most Filipinos. There may be slight adjustments from present practices, in terms of culture and traditions. But with proper guidance from the government, church-related institutions and the private sector, we can set a definite direction to strike a balance both in man’s own system and that of nature and man’s environment.

According to the plan, the workers who will build these communities will temporarily live in dormitories. They will work on weekdays but will be with their families on weekends. Eventually, the plan will allow them to become part of the community. These self-sufficient communities will not only help ease the traffic in the city centers but will complement the needs of existing business centers. These communities will further help increase production.

By now, man has realized the mistakes he has done in the past. The “fast countries” can help the “slow countries” put a stop to the mistakes they have committed in the past and redirect the “slow countries” to a better goal for the good of all.

Up to now as in the past, government efforts to ease the plight of the impoverished, especially those in squatters’ areas (now called “informal settlers”), have proven to be futile. For these efforts have failed to strike a balance in providing both shelter and livelihood sources for the communities. There is also the likelihood of more squatters coming in once news of a government housing project gets around. This cycle of events take place because of the government’s inability to see the more long-term outcome of their efforts. The present imbalance we are all experiencing now in the city centers and the nearby towns is a sign that no program in the past has really succeeded in confronting and solving this problem. The Arroyo administration’s sincerity in giving a solution to this problem is a good start, although a bit too late to have a quick solution to a big problem. We seem to have good leaders handling the housing problem, but they seem to have fallen into the same trap that those in the past have fallen into. The solution to this problem cannot come from constructing shelters for the poor within the city centers. It can only be solved if we build more communities outside the city centers, nearby towns and eventually in remote provinces to resolve the imbalances caused by poor and shortsighted design.

We must implement a balanced community plan that can satisfy the needs of the Filipino people for generations to come. A fast solution that offers shelter that the poor can repay through livelihood projects is not the answer. It is the answer for the politician’s need to get reelected when election time comes. Relocating the poor to housing projects consisting of medium-rise tenements, a policy implemented since President Marcos’ time, has never worked for the simple reason that Filipinos like to touch the earth with their hands and have their own garden where their children can play. These unoccupied tenement houses may as well be converted into business offices and offered to ambitious Filipino entrepreneurs since their original owners are already renting them out for an attractive fee; and they are back to ‘squatting’ in areas where they see a better chance of eking out a living. We need not go vertical yet in the old cities. We must go horizontal—from the tip of Jolo to the tip of Tumawini.

A MODERN HARVEST, by Bobby Wong / www.postcardsfrommanila.com
A MODERN HARVEST, by Bobby Wong / Postcards from Manila

Only after we’ve achieved this can we cautiously go vertical in pre-located places. Most, not all, squatter-occupied areas must not be allowed to grow. If the landowners of squatter-occupied areas are willing to work out a program with the government or real-estate developers or with the private sector or other agencies or countries, then a well-balanced community plan could be effected. However, if the landowners are unwilling to undertake any program, the government must help evict these squatters in favor of the landowners for the land to be used more properly for a better community-oriented project. The scanty government funds available for housing must be spent wisely on long-range community plans and their immediate implementation with the help of the private sector, other countries and international organizations willing to initially help “slow countries” make the first proper step in building well-planned and balanced communities. A more immediate plan must take effect that would lure squatter communities back to their respective provinces by building more of these well-balanced communities where they can really belong and thus contribute to the decongestion of cities. Fresh and talented graduates of universities must go back to their places of origin and apply their honed skills in building their own versions of the ideal community for their own town mates and relatives. The present influx of rural folk to the cities will then be reversed if these programs are properly implemented and a more meaningful balance is achieved.

When planning for a community, the total fulfillment and wellbeing of the smallest Filipino must be first in the architect’s mind, intent and passion. Lack of funds to build such communities is not the obstacle. The real obstacle is the lack of practical vision, focus and direction. Once given the chance to materialize, the Grid Plan will allow us to take the first step in building the first ideal Filipino community.

These communities can get infectious when interpreted and incorporated into the varied and colorful customs and traditions of multi-talented Filipinos. The inexhaustible natural talents and skills of Filipinos (e.g., long list of patent pending inventions of Filipinos taken advantage of by other countries) will have an effective channel once a pilot community such as I have envisioned is effected. The Grid Planis the missing link that has not been given any chance. Let’s give it a try and pray that the good Lord will continue to give us the strength and the guidance to build this ideal Filipino community, which is really just a small version of the ideal community he envisions for us all.

The Ideal Filipino Community





Glenn Bautista

(an introdu
ction by Cid Reyes)

While Glenn Bautista has devoted his entire creative imagination to the creation of ideal spaces, he is aware that real problems exist within the physical boundaries that contain his being and that of his family. Relief from the difficult and harsh situations in which most Filipinos’ lives can only be achieved by a truly concerted effort that breaks down traditional community policy. This is a personal cause to which Bautista has committed himself – at the creation of a practical vision that can turn the Filipino community not into an impractical arcadia but a source of inspired well-being for every Filipino. This comprehensive solution is proffered in the hope that adequate resources may be made available to consolidate the solution into a master plan, detailed and thoroughly researched, such that even the smallest Local Government Unit (LGU) could easily adapt it to their own particular situation.

Stories behind the Article

“The Ideal

by Glenn A. Bautista

If, or “kung” in Tagalog is a requisite to or almost synonymous with the words ideal or progress that indicates reaching an ideal goal. If what I write or dream about for our country and people happens, or had been achieved a long time ago, we wouldn’t be where we are now. We would be enjoying what the good life really offers for every Filipino soul. This may be wishful thinking, but I believe can make a lot of sense if taken seriously. We can still work hard and take out the if and make what I’m writing about a reality. I’m convinced that this is what the good Lord wants to happen for all of us to enjoy before He comes back to show us the other world that He promised. Or is the other world what we have yet to achieve and work hard for, or, will it be handed down to us, just like that, on a silver platter?

It all started, “this ideal community thing”, when I was yet a fresh graduate from the University of the Philippines. Then, I had the chance to visit some of the places in northern Philippines that made me realize the importance of agriculture, fishing, etc., and their role in shaping our communities. Together with my friend, Ed Nathan Drilon, a trader and a baritone to boot, we trekked the northern trails of mountainous Cagayan Valley and a series of places almost reaching the tip of Tumawini. This proved to be a rewarding experience for me, although a usual one for Ed. With towels around our heads to protect us from road-dust, we went on a cruise with an open “Volkwagen Sakbayan “ from smooth to rocky roads to river banks, just to get to our destinations in time for the harvest of the varied crops. . . corn, string beans and vegetables familiar to most Filipinos. Impressed with the richness of our soil and the abundance of food source produced by our diligent farmers and fishermen, I couldn’t help but dream of doing a drawing board plan, that will allow city folks to experience the same, by incorporating the agricultural aspect of rural life into the urban lifestyle. Combinations of agricultural, fish and shrimp ponds and other ventures normally done only in the provinces are enough to bring freshness and excitement into city life, within a grid-plan, I then imagined. The initial result is a tentative plan that may now be applied to minimize the present imbalance we are all now experiencing in the city centers and nearby towns.This plan and its application is necessary for it sets aside, once and for all, a balanced approach in catering to the communities’ immediate educational, commercial, agricultural, religious and cultural needs. (click -> full article)